2nd Hand Filling Equipment

We mainly offer new equipment but occasionally we have available some second hand equipment.  Alternatively we can source it for our clients.

Please have a look below at the currently available second hand machines we have.

Automatic Isobaric Microblock Rinser-Filler-Capper 5.5.1 for beer.


The Microblock machine, supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems S.r.l. of Telgate Italy, was chosen for its compact dimensions and

superior specifications .

New features have been added to the 5-5-1 Microblock for beer :

• Linear rinser-equipped with 5 pneumatic pincers.

• By means of a pneumatic pincer device, the bottles are picked up from the conveyor line and inverted over the injection nozzles. The bottles are then rinsed with water and re-positioned on the conveyor line which transfers them to the filling unit.

Isobaric Filling Turret with 5 Filling valves. The bottles are positioned under the filling valves by a star-wheel.

The filling process phases are as follows:

  1. Air pre-evacuation twice from the bottles through vacuum pump (double pre-evacution for the beer is required to eliminate all Oxygen residues in the bottle prior to filling it with beer professionally) and flushing with CO2 .
  2. Balancing of the bottle pressure through gas inert injection
  3. Isobaric filling
  4. Pressure release
  5. The filler tank has been fitted with a custom designed jacketed cooling device to allow the bottling in perfect conditions of very small batches of beer as requested by the client.

The new model is available in two variants :
a. with manual loading and unloading of bottles. The same  operator can load the empties and unload the full bottles on the same side of the machine through a bottle infeed/outfeed platform (see photo)

b. with automatic loading and unloading of bottles ( See photos)

complete automatic microblock line for beerRE

complete automatic miniblock line for beerRE


The automatic crown cork turret is equipped with a vibration hopper and stainless steel chute. The Microblock 5.5.1 is also suitable for natural cork and aluminium screw caps application if required.

Dimensions of the Microblock : 1500 X1200 X2000mm.

Please visit our youtube site click HERE for a video of the Microblock in operation.