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IC Filling Systems delivers a finger and trigger pump feeding and capping machine to Robert McBride Ltd in Bradford UK

We are pleased to announce that Robert McBride Ltd , the leading international contract packer for cosmetics and toiletries,  has recently taken delivery of an automatic sorting and  capping machine for trigger pumps from IC Filling Systems Ltd. 

Capable of capping finger and trigger pumps at up to 9000 bottles per hour the IC Filling Systems […]

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IC Filling Systems presents a semi automatic isobaric filling machine for Beer at Brau Beviale Nuremberg Germany 11-13 Nov

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting a new 4H-PE 4 head semi-automatic isobaric filling machine for beer at the BrauBeviale on

Stand 7-755 from 11- to 13 November. The machine is fitted with a pre-evacuation vacuum pump system to eliminate the oxygen in the bottles prior to filling. This model is […]

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IC Filling Systems successfully supplies Two Packaging Machines to a Major US New Spring Water

A major US new spring water located in the Rocky Mountains has recently finished the commissioning of two packaging machines supplied by IC Filling Systems srl of Italy, suitable for a bottling line achieving 6000bph.

The bottling line is designed for one way glass bottles and the supply included a 24 heads rotary bottle rinser […]

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The Innovative Semi Automatic Twin Head Filling Machine for Beer with Pre-evacuation of Oxygen by Vacuum Pump

After the great success at the Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, IC Filling Systems are now presenting another innovative concept for beer filling:

The Twin Block Semi Automatic Filler with pre-evacuation of air. 

This semi automatic  machine, supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems S.r.l. of Telgate Italy, has superior specifications as  well as been offered at a very competitive price, […]

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Automatic Isobaric Microblock Filler 5 5 1 for Beer

Our new Automatic Isobaric Microblock  Rinser-Filler-Capper  5.5.1 for beer   The Microblock machine, supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems S.r.l. of Telgate Italy, was chosen by Cuamoc (Heineken ) Mexico and Carlsberg Denmark for their pilot breweries in view  of its compact dimensions and superior specifications as as well as been offered at a very competitive price. The installations was completed at the end of […]

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Visit us at the next show in November at Packepo 2014 in Chicago Ill lower Lakeside Hall Booth 10324 from November 2- 5.2014

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Spare capping heads for all makes of capping machines sales and service Arol Zalkin Bertolaso Capvit MBF capping heads

The wine trade (both normal and alcohol free) are increasing adopting the new high quality screw on metal closures to seal and decorate their bottles.

This tendency required UNTIL NOW completely new capping machines as the transformation of existing capping turrets was prohibitively expensive and involved the dismantling of the capping turret, the change of […]

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Visit us in November at Packepo 2014 in Chicago Ill lower lakeside Hall booth 10324 from November 2- 5

Packepo 2014 in Chicago Ill lower lakeside hall booth10324   from November 2- 5 where we will be presenting a complete line of semi automatic filling and capping equipment for small users.


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IC Filling Systems at Drinktec 2013

We will present at Drinktec two new concepts for small and medium speed users

Electronic Camme Labelling  machine with Modular interchangeable units (diametre 600 mm turret) , remote internet online assistance with Teamviewer and  Webcams, full non-stop operation, up to 6 labels application on the same bottle.
Originally supplied to Russian Standard Vodka, two twin units […]

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A Complete Bottling Line for Still Water (8,000 BPH) is Handed Over to Wessex Water Services Ltd

Wessex Water Services Ltd., the public utilities water company in South West England, has taken delivery on the 25th of July of a complete PET bottling line for still water in 2 litres and 500 ml PET bottles produced by Intercaps Filling Systems Srl. This line has an output speed of up to 8,000bph x […]

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