Barefoot Brewery of Singapore installs an Automatic Isobaric Microblock filler 5-5-1 for beer

February 3, 2014

Sheffield Beer Festival



Barefoot Brewery of Singapore ,  producers of leading Brands of Beer,   has installed a brand

new Automatic Isobaric Microblock  Rinser-Filler-Capper  5.5.1 for beer   for their brewery.

The Microblock machine, supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems S.r.l. of Telgate Italy, was chosen for its compact dimensions and

superior specifications as as well as been offered at a very competitive price. The installation was completed at the end of 2013.



New features have been added to the  5-5-1 Microblock for beer :

551 Microblock

  • Linear rinser-equipped  with 5 pneumatic pincers.
  • By means of a pneumatic pincer device, the bottles are picked up from the conveyor line and inverted over the injection nozzles. The bottles are then rinsed with water and re-positioned on the conveyor line which transfers them to the  filling unit.

Isobaric Filling Turret with 5 Filling valves. The bottles are positioned under the filling valves by a star-wheel.


The filling process phases are as follows:

  1. Air pre-evacuation twice from the bottles through vacuum pump (double pre-evacution for the beer is required to eliminate all Oxygen residues in the bottle prior to filling it with beer professionally) and flushing with CO2 .
  2. Balancing of the bottle pressure through gas inert injection
  3. Isobaric filling
  4. Pressure release
  5. The filler tank has been fitted with a custom designed jacketed cooling device to allow the bottling in perfect conditions of very small batches of beer as requested by the client.
  6. The new model is available in two variants :
    a. with manual loading and unloading of bottles. The same  operator can load the empties and unload the full bottles on the same side of the machine through a bottle infeed/outfeed platform (see photo)

    b. with automatic loading and unloading of bottles ( See photos)

complete automatic microblock line for beerRE

The automatic crown cork turret is equipped with a vibration hopper and stainless steel chute. The Microblock 5.5.1 is also suitable for natural cork and aluminium screw caps application if required.

Dimensions of the Microblock : 1500 X1200 X2000mm.

Please visit our youtube site click HERE for a video of the Microblock in operation.

We’ll be presenting  the Microblock also at Beer X- Festival of Beer in Sheffield from 12th to 15th March 2014.

For any enquiry on this project please contact our Sales Manager

Mr Marco Solferini on or please call

on +44(01)131 335 3335. or +1 415 835 9490 (USA)

IC Filling Systems at the Craft brewers exhibition in Denver

December 15, 2013


Denver Exhibition


We invite all brewers to our booth no. 630 at Denver Colorado at the Craft brewers’ exhibition that will take place from 8-14 April 2014.  We will be presenting the 5-5-1 complete miniblock filler for microbrewers


For more information on the craft brewers exhibition please click  HERE 


Spare capping heads for all makes of capping machines sales and service Arol Zalkin Bertolaso Capvit MBF capping heads

November 17, 2013

The wine trade (both normal and alcohol free) are increasing adopting the new high quality screw on metal closures to seal and decorate their bottles.

This tendency required UNTIL NOW completely new capping machines as the transformation of existing capping turrets was prohibitively expensive and involved the dismantling of the capping turret, the change of the camme and change of all capping heads.

Extreme capping head

This involved high expenses and substantial down time of the bottling line. Now Intercaps Filling Systems presents the EXTREME patented capping heads for wine metal and plastic closures capable of carrying out both screw on and roll on operations in one go on existing capping machines, without having to change the camme.


You just order the capping heads from us and voila’!

You are able to apply all the following caps:



þ WAK                        Guala  (photo)


click HERE to see video 



wak guala
 stelvin lux   


þ vinistar                    HERTI 


þ STELVIN LUX          PECHINEY (photo)

þ  DGS



We can also apply our EXTREME capping heads to existing single head roll on machine.
IC Filling Systems Ltd offer also full range of spare parts for capping heads and service intervention for all makes of capping machines mainly Arol, Zalkin , Bertolaso NBF and Capvit.

Marco Solferini, our Sales Manager would be more than happy to discuss any capping requirments you may have; please do not hesitate to contact him on his mobile: 0044 7775696976 or email him at

Visit us at SIMEI Milan from 12 to 16 November stand P23 R24 Hall 15 to see our new range of labelling machines

November 1, 2013


After the great success of visitors that we had at Drinktec in Munich last September, we would like to invite you to visit us at SIMEI where we will be presenting, jointly with Conpart Spa,  a new range of innovative labelling machines .

Conpart Spa and Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd have developed a new range of electronic camme labelling machines designed for flexibility and modularity.


All stations can be modular and interchangeable and this formula has proved successful in the contract packing of scotch whisky bottles where marketing requirements are increasingly sophisticated to meet the demand from the Far East.

We are also introducing as standard the remote assistance via internet on all our new lines including a user friendly interface which is a version of  TeamViewer by Microsoft and we install also 2 video cameras to assist  in the diagnostic and verification of actual performance of the machine.



labeller 3

labeller 2.










We would like to talk to you during this show and you can contact our sales director Mr Marco Solferini and arrange the meeting calling him at Tel: +44 131 3353335 mobile +44777569976  Email:


IC Filling Systems at Drinktec 2013

September 10, 2013

We will present at Drinktec two new concepts for small and medium speed users

Electronic Camme Labelling  machine with Modular interchangeable units (diametre 600 mm turret) , remote internet online assistance with Teamviewer and  Webcams, full non-stop operation, up to 6 labels application on the same bottle.
Originally supplied to Russian Standard Vodka, two twin units with totally interchangeable parts have been recently installed at Broxburn Bottlers Ltd Edinburgh the leading Contract co-packer of the Scotch Industry.

IC Filling Systems  will introduce the electronic camme orientation labelling machine for low speed users in collaboration with Conpart Spa  our labelling partners.

ICFS modular labeller


Doypack form fill and seal machine for soft drinks, juices and other liquid and solid products.

We will be presenting a new modular concept of linear doypack filling machine suitable for small and large users.

The innovative feature of the system presented at Drinktec will be the possibility of adding the doypack forming module at a later stage, after the installation of the fill and seal unit.
Other features available are spout insertion, corner zip re-sealable unit, Eurohole, low vacuum packing, nitrogen injection module.
IC Filling Systems will introduce the doypack form fill and seal machine  in collaboration with Robino & Galandrino Spa TS Division our doypack partners.



to arrange an appointment at Drinktec please contact

Marco Solferini Sales Director
Tel: +44 131 3353335 mobile +44777569976

IC Filling Systems Ltd are in Hall B5 and Stand 119 at the Drinktec Fair Munich Messe

A Complete Bottling Line for Still Water (8,000 BPH) is Handed Over to Wessex Water Services Ltd

August 23, 2013

Wessex Water Services Ltd., the public utilities water company in South West England, has taken delivery on the 25th of July of a complete PET bottling line for still water in 2 litres and 500 ml PET bottles produced by Intercaps Filling Systems Srl. This line has an output speed of up to 8,000bph x 2ltr.

Overcoming a challenging small area available (the complete line footprint is only 15 x 34 metres). The line reaches nevertheless very high efficiency levels of 90% of nominal speed at the end of the line. (click here to see the layout).

The bottling line consists of :

  • Bottle loader and unscrambler (to see video click HERE )
  • 32-32-8 monoblock rinser-filler-capper with HEPA  filter predisposed for sportscaps. (to see video click HERE)



  • unscrambler
  • LabellerCIP UNITMONOBLOCK 32-32-8










  • Manual 2 tanks CIP unit (please see the picture on the right).
  • Bottle dryer with bottle rotation device (to see video click HERE)
  • Domino A120 ink jet coder
  • 8 heads full wrap around hot melt labeller with Nordson glue injector (to see video click HERE)
  • Bottle shrink wrapper at 30 ppm Film only ( to see video click HERE)
  • Palletiser unit with interlayer inserter (to see video click HERE)
  • Automatic Pallet stretch wrapper (to see video click HERE)

The line was delivered precisely on the date contracted and installed and handed over to the operating company in one month, precisely on the 25th July 2013, by the engineering team of ICFS srl headed by Mr Emiro Russo.

For any enquiry on this project, please contact our Sales Manager Mr Marco Solferini on or please call on +44(0)131 335 3335. or +1 415 835 9490 (USA)

P-System and Tubular Flash Pasteurising Equipment for Aseptic Filling

August 2, 2013

Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd is involved in the field of beverages preparation   and treatment   with   a wide range of equipment including water purifying systems, syrup rooms, premix units, CIP units and flash pasteurising units.

This commitment  had now  been  extended  till  the edges of  the  currently  available  technology  in  the latest   version  of  flash  pasteurising  equipment   for juices  aseptic   filling,   for  sure  one   of   the  hardest challenges  for  a  process  equipment  manufacturing company.

flash  pasteurising  equipment   for juices  aseptic   filling

Aseptic filling holds a strategic interest for the future of IC Filling Systems because of the currently increasing attention of the rising markets  (mainly  Africa,  Middle  East  and  South America)   on   aseptic   filled   beverages:   hence   the companies’  board  decided  to   invest   technical   and economical  resources on the development of this process.

The  tubular  flash pasteurising  equipment or  aseptic  filling  -  is  a  fully   automatic   juice  flash pasteurizing  unit,  which  allows the  inactivation of  all those micro-organisms naturally present in the product or   introduced   during   the   processing  causing  the fermentation and the following product spoilage.

The flash pasteurization entirely  meets technical  and  safety  requirements and  at  the  same time   minimizes  any  organoleptic  alteration  of   the product by operating  with the utmost precision at the temperatures required by the process for a time which is usually in function of the product typology.

The unit is supplied completely preassembled on a stainless steel circular-section skid for an easy and efficacious cleaning of the external parts too.

All   the   parts   in   contact   with   the   product   are manufactured in AISI 316 L stainless steel to be highly resistant to the effect of sanitizing agents.

picture 2.

The control panel air conditioning system is provided with   NEMA    4X certification   for   the   maximum  IP protection. The  control  panel and the junction boxes  are    provided   with    sloping   top    to    avoid    dust accumulation.

The pasteurizing process is carried out through a 4- sections set of tubular heat exchangers (pre-heating before deaeration, pasteurizing, heat recovery and final cooling); tubular heat exchangers are manufactured in AISI 316 L stainless steel and thermally insulated with a special cover  realized  in stainless  steel and rockwool (the casing in stainless steel prevent the  rockwool to get in contact with humidity, chemicals, etc.).

The unit is provided with sanitary design lobes pumps ensuring a   gentle   treatment of   the product even in case of pulps and fruit cells presence.

In case of filler stop the product is stored in an aseptic buffer tank protected   by a   set   of aseptic   double chamber valves. The  integrated  steam barrier  of these valves  enables  the  safe separation  of  both  product lines via the two  seat seals and the integrated function of the single-seat  lifting capability permits fully automatic seat cleaning during production.

The number of seals and moving parts are reduced to a minimum to provide easy maintenance.

The process is fully  automatic  and  controlled by PLC and 19” touchscreen for  the best access to  process parameters;  furthermore  the  equipment  is  interfaced with  the  rest of  the line  via ETHERNET  and with  the manufacturer’s factory via web.


Other   features   of    the   equipment    are    a   high automation level  (including  the use of ASi-bus for field control   of   pneumatic valves) and process control (systems can be equipped with SCADA  supervision software),  a strong  attention  to  hygienic aspects to avoid  any possible  contamination of  a such delicate product and a strong attention to the reliability of used components.

The choice made by us to use high quality components    manufactured   by well  known international   producers   fully   integrate   our daily   job philosophy and guarantee the customers an easy way to find the spare parts.

The mechanical preparation of the part to be welded is aimed to reach the maximum hygiene in the piping guaranteeing the complete drain of the plant and the absence of dead ends.

fully  automatic  and  controlled by PLC and 19” touchscreen for  the best access to  process parameters



Brand New Sorter for Trigger Pumps and Liquid Soap Pumps on Sale

July 12, 2013

We have a unique opportunity of offering a new fully accessorised sorting machine capable of sorting 50 triggers per minute with change parts for also sorting and orienting push down pumps for liquid soap. See enclosed layout of the machine on sale.
To see photos of similar plants click HERE.

Ready to ship it is a high quality unit available at 40% discount on the full retail price of 68,000 euros ex works Bergamo Italy, on a first come first served basis.

It can be customised at extra cost for a different type of trigger or pump.



Model: TS01–1500 mm diam
Speed: 3,000 triggers per hour max ( mechanical top speed ).
Product: Trigger
Closure: Plastic screw trigger. Also included change over parts for pump dispenser
Packaging: Plastic shaped bottles.
Voltage: 380V / 50Hz / 24V.
Working direction: Clockwise
Operating height: 900 mm ± 50 mm 900 mm for bottle conveyor chain
Conveyor dimension: 100 x 100 mm


BELT ELEVATOR ENF500 litres capacity made up of
MOTORIZATION 3P 400V 50Hz 0,18KW FIX SPEEDY ( to be defined) 2.trigger
MECHANICAL SORTER STM120 CCW (1500 mm diameter wheel)
• SIEMENS PLC.control
• AISI 304 stainless steel control panel.
• Equipped, as standard, with accident prevention devices according with the CE law.

If you interested in this offer, please contact Marco Solferini at +44 131 3353335 or e-mail him at
Kind Regards

Complete Bottling System for Bottle Conditioned Beers

May 18, 2013

Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd would like to present an entry level complete bottling system for bottle conditioned beers.
We are very excited by the response to this new entry level system that allows microbreweries to fill in a semi-automatic way bottle conditioned beer at an incredibly low budget.

See it working at the youtube link by clicking HERE 

The complete filling system consist of :

  • A Semi automatic bottle rinser with 4 positions
  • A Semi automatic bottle gravity filler with 4 filling valves

  • A Semi automatic crown corker 
  • A Semi automatic labeller front and back labels

If you want to find just how incredibly inexpensive this complete bottling line is, please contact

Marco Solferini at +44 131 3353335
or e-mail him at

Exclusive Offer for a Brand New Labelling Machine with a Customised Format of Bottles Included in the Price

December 17, 2012

We would like to present an exclusive offer for a brand new labelling machine 
Model: ACFR-CO-G800-T12-Sa02.M25.MF1.
The labeller consists of:

  • 12 heads rotary labeller
  • 2 self-adhesive stations for front and back label application and 1 cold glue tax strip label applicator (L-shape or I-shape on cap)
  • Output of this machine is 6,000 bph
  • Equipped in mechanical camme which is suitable for orientation of the bottles with bottom notch. This feature is perfect for spirit label applications that require tax strips on the cap.


The Model: ACFR-CO-G800-T12-Sa02.M25.MF1. , comes also complete with 1 set of bottle handling parts and 1 set of label handling parts.

The price for this labeller as described is Euro 85,000 ex works Italy. Prompt delivery, available for inspection near Milan.

For this and any other enquiry please contact our

Sales Manager Mr Marco Solferini
on or please call on +44(01)131 335 3335 or
+1 415 835 9490 (USA) or Italy +39 035 619 0213.

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