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Canning & Bottling for Microbreweries & Craft Brewers from one machine...
We had great success showing off our canning combiblock at the recent Craft Brewers Conference in Washington DC earlier this April, generating a lot of interest and firm enquiries.

Our machines offer the only option to fill and cap both bottles and cans with a single machine - all made possible with the appropriate optional attachments.

We supply 2 valve, 4 valve & 6 valve versions with or without rinser, and with a twin head can seamer, in 222, 442 and 662 configurations.

Designed to package carbonated products such as beer, cider and carbonated soft drinks in aluminium cans. 3 phases of packaging are performed on a single steel base, on lockable wheels. Rinsing, counter-pressure filling, capping and seaming.

The new canning option is also available as a retrofit to all our existing counterpressure filling machines by adding a standalone seamer and adding the change parts for the valves and rinser pockets.

  1. Specially designed counterpressure filling valves
  2. Full automatic process, PLC controlled
  3. Bottom feeding of the filling tank for foam control
  4. Lowering bells to seal the cans against the filling valves
  5. CO2 flushing of can prior to filling to eliminate oxygen and extend product shelf life
For more information, please visit our website, download our beer canning brochure, or contact Sales Director Marco Solferini on +1 707 236 6353, UK +44 1865 520 083 or Italy +39 035 046 0297. Alternatively, please ask for a quotation.
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