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Beer Bottling Monoblock at Biere de la Bastide

442 Compactblock at Biere de la Bastide

442 Compactblock at Biere de la Bastide

Bottling English-style Artisan Ales in France

Bière de la Bastide in France have just take delivery from us of a COMPACTBLOCK 4.4.2 semi-automatic rinser-counterpressure filler-crowner for their range of craft beers.

This semi-automatic bottling system will allow them to produce up to 300 bottles an hour with their 330ml bottles.

Our new improved model has a number of important enhancements, including:

  • Faster filling cycle
  • Lower Oxygen TPO
  • "No bottle - no spray" rinser
  • Full control through user-friendly touchscreen
  • Visible alarm for vacuum pump filler
  • Easy to clean recessed worktop

Founded and run by Hugh and Denise Davies, Biere de la Bastide are based in the heart of the Dordogne area of France, and produce a range of artisan English-style beers and serve them in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in their brew-house in the village of Montpazier.