Ultra Clean Filling Machines

We supply Ultraclean (non-contact filling) Rinser/Filler/cappers for filling of delicate products such as fresh pasteurised milk, fruit juices, cold filled mayonnaise, tomato ketchup ,  salad creams  & pharmaceutical products. We have developed a filling valve without gaskets.

The absence of gaps and internal valves simplify the cleaning process. The machines can be built with traditional bottle transfer methods or Neck Handling for PET bottles.

Weight Filler  Ultra Clean

Weight Filler Ultra Clean

  The process for Ultraclean filling is as follows:

A)     Chemical sterilisation of the bottles

B)      Bottle sterile rinsing

C)      Sterile filling (non-contact valves)

D)     UV ray + chemical sterilisation of the caps + washing with sterile water before capping in clean room