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Trigger Pumps, Feeders & Cappers for Toiletries

Our integrated solutions of Trigger Pumps Feeders and Cappers equipment are exceptionally reliable and suitable for many trigger and finger pumps dispensers, delivering speeds of up to 250 triggers or pumps per minute (15,000 per hour).

Trigger Pumps are used as soap dispensers among other uses in toiletries products.

The elevator has a capacity of 800 litres (0.8 M2) and is fitted with two jam free horizontal and vertical independently motorised conveyor belts to avoid build ups at the bottom of the elevator.

A double turret capping machine inserts the dip tube in the first turret and ensures a correct torque level with magnetic torque controlled mechanical head grippers with jaws in the second turret.

An automatic expulsion system eliminates any bottles where the dip tube may be missing.

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