Doypack Pouch & Bag Filling Machines

IC Filling Systems offer fully automatic Doypack Pouch / Bag Filling Machines to produce all types of conventional Doypack pouches but also packs with modern packaging concepts and designs, as shaped forms, flat or stand up pouches with zip lock re-closable system, etc. for food and non-food products.

We have also designed a new international patent for Doypacks named CORNER ZIP, an innovative and functional fast and easy opening and closing solution for all flexible packaging.

Rotary Doypack filler for stand up pouches
Horizontal Form Fill Machine for Doypacks
Doypack Filling Machine Detail
Doypack Filling Machine Detail
Manual Doypack Filling Machine

Different Doypack Machines from IC Filling Systems

ALFA is an automatic filling machine for premade Doypack pouches, easy to use and maintain, made up of an 8 station carousel, each with 2 pincers that guarantee the grip of the pouch for the whole process. Preset for vacuum application, with chance to work also in damp environments for autoclaving process.

NGB is an Automatic Doypack Filling Machine, easy to use and to maintain. It is made up of an 8 station carousel, each with 2 pincers that guarantee the grip of the pouch for the whole process. It's the ideal solution for filling up premade pouches of medium dimensions.

ETNA L1 & ETNA L2 are Horizontal Form Fill & Seal mechanical machines (HFFS) for Doypacks, of small dimensions, precise, easy to use and to maintain. Ideal to realize flat pouches with a high quality welding on 3-4 sides.

CORNER ZIP is an innovative and functional, fast and easy opening and closing solution for all flexible doypack packaging.

  • Existing packaging on the market does not fully meet the demands of the consumer, as they are difficult to open, to dose and to close.
  • They also have a low resistance to keeping fragrance after re-closing. The barrier to oxygen inside the CORNER ZIP pouches, after opening, is better than type standard pouches.
  • All kinds of laminate films and PET can be used.
  • The CORNER ZIP can be supplied in different colours.
  • CORNER ZIP is suitable for: semi-liquid foods; chocolates, candies and sweets; dried fruits and snacks; tea leaves; chewing gum; chocolates, sweets and sugared almonds; powders and granulated products (coffee, tea, milk, salt and sugar); grated cheese; dried condiments; pet food; etc.

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