Doypack Pouch & Bag Filling Machines

IC Filling Systems offer Doypack Pouch filling Machines to produce all types of conventional Doypack pouches but also packs with modern packaging concepts and designs, as shaped forms, flat or stand up pouches with zip lock re-closable system, etc. for food and non-food products.

We offer both semi-automatic & fully automatic filling machines for doypack with spouts on them. You can see a video below of our semi automatic version for small laboratory use for market tests and short runs.

Manual Doypack Filler and Capper

Semi Automatic Pouch with Spout Filler/Capper:

This semiautomatic air driven machine is suitable for filling and capping flexible pouches (with a spout) with liquid / semiliquid products by mean of a volumetric piston filler with a 5-260 ml volume range and closing the same with one size of plastic screw cap.

All the parts in contact with the product are manufactured with AISI 316 L stainless steel and food grade gaskets. The cap is tightened by a pneumatic motor with torque regulation. This unit can fill viscous products containing soft particulates or fibres and it is suitable for hot filling (100°C). The operator puts the pouch on the support collar. The volumetric filler determines the volume of product by a hand-wheel regulation. Suction and filling speed are both adjustable in compliance with the requirements. By manually moving a lever, the filling valve goes in working position; the operator starts the filling cycle by pressing a button.

At the end of the filling cycle, the machine can inject nitrogen in the pouch hollow space for increasing the product shelf life and helping preservation. Next, the operator puts the cap on the spout and moves the closing head in capping position, through the lever system. The cap tightening is performed by pressing the start button. The cap torque application is adjustable. We also have the option of upgrading the filling machine to handle larger fill strokes up to 1300ml.

Manual Doypack Filling Machine

Doypack-automatic-pouch-filler-capperAutomatic Pouch with Spout Filler/Capper

This Automatic Doypack Machine is suitable for flexible pouches (with an already existing spout mounted to the pouch) with liquid / semiliquid products by mean of a volumetric piston filler with a 50-1300 ml dosing range and closing the same with one size of plastic screw cap. All the parts in contact with the product are manufactured with AISI 316 L stainless steel and PTFE and FKM gaskets.

Technical features:

The machine main frame is stainless steel AISI 304 made and stands on adjustable height feet.
Starwheel for one format of pouch, AISI 304 made.
Dosing valve support, managed by a pneumatic system with up / down movement.

  • Volumetric filling unit composed by:
    • Nr 1 volumetric dosing unit from 50 to 1.300 ml in AISI 316 L stainless steel
    • Nr 1 three ways DN25 rotary valve
    • Nr 1 pneumatic 0.5” – 2 ways no drop valve
    • Food grade flexible hose
  • Single head capping unit composed by:
    • Nr 1 vibrating base cap sorter / feeder AISI 304 made
    • Nr 1 caps chute in s/steel AISI 304 with photocell
    • Nr 1 caps releasing head
    • Nr 1 pneumatic motor
    • Nr 1 s/steel chuck for one size of plastic screw cap

Electrical regulation of the height of the capping head.

  • Main drive managed by a servomotor with absolute encoder and planetary gearbox.
  • The pouches in-feed features a constant load spring system.
  • AISI 304 s/steel main electric box with Siemens and Phoenix contact components.
  • Valve terminal with BUS interface.
  • AISI 304 s/steel control panel with 7” touch screen, IPS technology and remote assistance.
  • The volumetric filling unit features an electric motor for the volume setting, without doing any manual operation.

220V 50Hz single phase, 8 A.
Air consumption, about 250 Nl/min.

General features:

The bags are fed manually by the operator, who inserts them individually or through a loading rail. Star wheel in AISI 304 stainless steel specifically for conditioning one pouch size.

Filling operation with descending valve, for product dosing inside the neck of the pouch, depending on the type of product to be dosed and the diameter of the mouth of the bag, it is possible to fill with fixed valves.

Pouch presence sensors, cap presence, cap channel full or empty.

Control panel in AISI 304 stainless steel with 7 inch IPS touch screen and analogue controls for the main functions:

START, STOP, RESET, EMERGENCY, Remote assistance integrated in the panel.

The machine is designed to integrate an ink-jet marking system for printing the production lot and expiry date on the bag.

Maximum production 1800 p/h, variable depending on the dose, the product and the size of the spout.

Doypack Filling Machine Detail
Doypack Filling Machine Detail
Manual Doypack Filling Machine

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"I have absolutely no qualms in recommending IC Filling Systems as a good and reputable company to deal with."

- Jim Quigley, Bottling Manager, Inver House Distillers.

Wolfburn Distillery

“IC Filling Systems provided our first bottle line that never let us down despite the incredible work load it was asked to perform. As more equipment arrives to further reinforce and advance not just the Mk2 bottle line but the business as a whole, IC Filling Systems will remain our partner of choice. Reliable, consistent and robust.”

- Iain Kerr, Wolfburn Distillery

Cheddar Water products

"IC Filling Systems installed a new 7,000bph 20-20-5 Neck Handling PET Filler which we are extremely satisfied with. We were provided with excellent customer support from start to finish as well as being provided with a dedicated project engineer to assist with the whole process. Thanks to all the team at IC Filling Systems."

- Cheddar Water Ltd

"Purchased a beer filter, 2 head keg filler and 551 bottle filler. We have received great support and our machines are running very well."

- Eben Uys, The Mad Brew Master, Mad Giant, South Africa


"We have worked with a whole host of people since we started in 2017, and by far, the best people we have worked with during that time was Forysths, and I never thought we would work with someone that matched them, but IC Filling Systems did, and in particular, Alessandro was a joy to work with, he was brilliant!! So good to learn from and a great teacher. He is an asset to the company! We would definitely recommend IC Filling Systems to whoever might ask."

- Michael Morrison, Managing Director, Isle of Barra Distillers


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