Automatic & Semi-Automatic Filling, Capping & Labelling for Craft Spirits

Automatic Filling

Flexibloc 1500bph flexible spirit rinsing filling capping labelling monoblock

Flexiblock 1500bph automatic spirit rinsing filling capping labelling monoblock

The FLEXIBLOCK is a linear filling system custom designed around your specific high throughput needs for craft spirits. It does not require any change parts when changing bottle formats. Suitable for Craft Spirits Bottle Filling.

Semi-Automatic Filling

Semi Automatic Valve Filler

Semi Automatic Filler Capper Monoblock

For those requiring more modest production outputs, our semi-automatic range of equipment includes stand alone fillers, or filler / capper monoblocks, rinsers and bench top labellers. Suitable for Craft Spirits Bottle Filling.


Testimonial from Proteco Oil, Australia

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"The IC Filling Systems equipment purchased did not disappoint. It was built to a very high standard and is well designed for ease of cleaning, changeovers and at the same time easy to operate. This ICFS machine will provide our business with many years of productive usage."

Wine Bottle Filling Systems & Craft Spirits Bottle Filling Systems

Wine Bottle Filling & Craft Spirits Bottle Filling

IC Filling Systems offer a wide range of solutions for Wine & Spirits with the specialised filling of delicate wines in isobaric conditions and in an oxygen free environment.

From artisanal small volumes, right up to high speed complete bottling lines, either automatic or manual.