Filling Systems for Chemicals & Toiletries

IC Filling Systems offer a range of Chemical Toiletries filling and capping equipment to meet the specific needs of these varied class of products that require special types of machines to cope with a variety of bottling conditions such as:

Filling Systems for Foaming products

Foaming products which require bottom filling with moving filling valves & dipping nozzles.

Filling Systems for Explosive or highly flammable products

Explosive or highly flammable products like solvents, inks or spirits that may require ATEX rated explosion proof machines to various levels of rating (0-3).

Filling Systems for High Viscosity products

Highly viscous products, like motor oils that require weight filling or piston filling, which also expand & contract in volume at different temperatures. These are filled by using a weight filling machine that weighs the empty container and then stops after filling a given weight of oil. These specialist filling machines have non-contact filling valves and are highly precise with less than 1 x 1000 grs error.

Trigger pumps & special capping machines

Trigger pumps & special capping machines require specialist equipment to insert the dip tube of the trigger before the trigger itself is positioned onto the bottle and tightened by using specialist capping heads with pincers.

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