NEW Hybrid filler for aluminium cans, aluminium bottles and glass bottles

Automatic Beer Can Rinser Filler and Capper / Seamer for Aluminium cans and Glass Bottles

Automatic Counter-Pressure Microblock – 661 EPV Filling Machine
2023 Edition

Video: [2m10s] Canning Configuration

661 EPV Hybrid on Split Screen showing Canning and Bottling on same machine

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The unique 661 EPV Microblock allows canning and bottling on the same machine. Fully updated 2023 model now available to order...

Can Filling Machine: Automatic counterpressure rinser-filler-seamer 6-6-1 EPV for canning carbonated products up to 1,500 cans per hour

IC Filling Systems provide a range of automatic rinser/filler/seamer monoblock counter-pressure canning machines for carbonated artisan beverages such as beer, wine, cider & carbonated soft drinks

661 Microblock Automatic Can / Bottle Filling Machine

Think you can't can cans? Yes you can can cans!

Canned beverages are an improvement over bottles as they do not allow in light, have very low Opickup, can be easily taken out on adventures like hiking, pool-side, beaches, and parks and aluminum / aluminium cans are easily recycled.

Your customers know this and the pendulum is swinging towards canned beverages.

Can Rinsing Filling and Seaming at up to 1,500 cans per hour

We supply our automatic 661 EPV  6 valve machine with an automatic can rinser, filler, and seamer.

  • Machines used for glass bottling can also be fitted to allow aluminium cans to be rinsed, filled and seamed
  • Simple canning for microbreweries and craft brewers at an economic price.
  • Benefit of a SINGLE  bottling unit for BOTH glass bottles and aluminium cans

An automated system pre-purges, fills, and seams cans: very low dissolved oxygen and a low price point. It is designed as a modular system to do both glass bottles and cans on the same machine  - if you want more automation, we make optional modules and can add conveyors etc.

Characteristics of our Craft Beer Canning Machine

  • Specially designed isobaric filling valves
  • Full automatic process
  • Bottom feeding of the filling tank
  • Lowering bells to seal the cans against the filling valves
  • CO2 flushing of can prior to filling to eliminate oxygen and extend product shelf life

Specifications for Aluminium Canning

  • Can Volume: 150~750 ml
  • Filling Temperature: 0~2°C
  • CO2: 2~5 g/L
  • Production Capacity: Up to 1,500 cans/h (330ml/12oz)


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Close Up of Automatic Can Seamer

This machine can fill cans and bottles

Complete flexibility to fill both bottles and cans on the same machine - unique in the industry.

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