Bottling Canning Labelling & Packaging Equipment with Italian flair since 1994

IC Filling Systems have supplied bottling, canning, labelling, and packaging equipment for water, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits, kombucha, food sauces, chemicals and toiletries since 1994. 29 years of focused experience.

We solve filling problems...

We are a family business that listens to our clients, acts as technical advisors and delivers customised solutions tailored to your specific production requirements. Our vast worldwide experience in Filling and Packaging of liquid products offers you a chance to tap into our extensive databank of project management and technical knowledge.

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Based in Italy, the UK and US

IC Filling Systems provide a wide range of filling and labelling solutions to meet with the specific demands of our global clients. All machines conform to CE safety standards, and we also deliver UL & CSA conformity.

Operating internationally

We manufacture every machine in our modern factory in Italy, providing the latest technology. As a result, we produce only the highest quality, economic bottling, canning, labelling and packaging equipment.

Delivering exceptional service and products

Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional service and products to our clients. Trust IC Filling Systems to provide you with the high-quality equipment and exceptional service you need to take your production to the next level.

Bottling and Canning on the same machine!

IC Filling Systems 6-1-1 in canning configuration

The new budget 611 EPV KOMPAKT can uniquely be configured for canning or bottling on the same frame.

So you can fill bottles or cans with a single machine at up to 850 bph/cph (330ml). Take a look at the full specification and take advantage of launch period special pricing.


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30 Years of Work

Most popular filling machines


Automatic Canning & Bottling for Craft Brewers & Microbrewers

New 2024 Model 661 Automatic Bottling & Canning Machine


Semi-Automatic Beer Bottling for Craft Brewers & Microbreweries

Improved 2024 Model! 662 Compactblock Rinser Filler Capper


Automatic & Semi-Automatic Bag in Box Equipment

BIB Premium Bag in Box filling machine


Automatic Wine Oils & Spirits Filling for Craft Distillers

Flexiblock 1500bph flexible spirit rinsing filling capping labelling monoblock

Gravity Filler for Spirits

Semi-Automatic Wine Oils & Spirits Filling for Artisan Producers & Craft Distillers

Gravity Filler

Quality suppliers of Bottling, Canning, Capping Labelling & Packaging equipment globally

IC Filling Systems have been supplying bottling and packaging machines to small and medium size users since 1994.

We have advised many clients on how to integrate a complete bottling line and they have been happily filling for many years.

If you need a small bottling or canning plant for beer, wine, water, kombucha, oil, vinegar, alcohol, sauces or chemical products we can supply you, as a one-stop-shop, with a project completely designed and delivered by IC Filling Systems.

We can include a layout with bottle conveyor system, a rinsing-filling-capping machine block, a labeller, a ink jet coder, a shrink wrapping multi-pack machine, a palletiser and a depalletiser, and whatever else you require.

Our Key Values: Quality and Flexibility

Our range of fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual machines are widely used in the filling and capping of various products including...


Filling Machines


Filling Equipment


Filling Machinery

Milk & Yoghurt 

Weight Filling Systems

Edible Oils & Machine Oil 

Weight Filling Machines


Filling Machines - Rum Whisky Gin

Still and Carbonated Juices

Filling Equipment

Drinking Water

Filling Equipment

Liquid Foods and Sauces

Filling Equipment

Chemicals & Toiletries

Weight Filling Technology

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