Advanced bottling solution to Original Spirit Co in Australia

Marco Solferini with Original Spirits' 6/6/1 Rinser Filler Capper triblock

IC Filling Systems is delighted to announce the shipment of our latest Rinser/Gravity Filler/ROPP Screw Capper from our manufacturing facility in Incisa Scapaccino, Italy. This cutting-edge triblock machine is on its way to Original Spirit Co, a family-run distillery in Victoria, Australia. It is set to become a pivotal component of their production line, helping to scale their operations and enhance product quality.

Enhancing Bottling Efficiency and Quality

Designed with precision to meet the rigorous demands of craft beverage production, this advanced triblock machine will revolutionise the bottling process for Original Spirit Co. The distillery, known for its diverse range of flavoured gins, will benefit significantly from the machine's capabilities. With an impressive bottling rate of 800 bottles per hour (bph) for 700ml glass bottles, this equipment ensures that each bottle is filled efficiently and sealed with an aluminium Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) screw cap. This process not only secures product integrity but also preserves the freshness of the spirits.

Meeting the Needs of a Growing Business

Mrs. Barbara Richartz, Director of Original Spirit Co, approached IC Filling Systems with a clear objective: to transition from their current manual bottling setup to a more automated and efficient system. The goal was to reduce labor costs while simultaneously boosting production capacity, all without compromising the superior quality of their gins. Through in-depth consultations and meticulous assessments, our team identified and proposed a bespoke solution that aligns perfectly with their operational needs.

A Significant Upgrade from Manual Operations

The deployment of this new bottling system marks a substantial upgrade from Original Spirit Co's previous manual processes. By automating the bottling line, the distillery will experience a significant increase in production speed and product consistency. This enhancement not only improves the overall finish of their bottled products but also streamlines the entire bottling process. As a result, the team at Original Spirit Co can dedicate more time and resources to refining their craft and less to handling the complexities of bottling logistics.

Committed to Innovative Solutions

At IC Filling Systems, our commitment lies in delivering innovative and customised bottling solutions tailored to our clients' unique requirements. We are proud to play a role in Original Spirit Co’s growth journey and are eager to witness the positive impact of our triblock machine on their production line.

For further information about our products and to discover how we can help optimise your bottling processes, please get in touch with us directly.

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