Carbonators & Premix Units for Beer, Cider, Wine and Soft Drinks

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Article: The need for de-aerating carbonated water and soft drinks

As a skilled specialist in process equipment for beverage production, IC Filling Systems can provide a wide and complete range of advanced processing technologies which can be readily combined for a complete turnkey solution: from the water spring to the product ready for bottling, all our processing equipment is perfectly suited to be used in the beverage industry.

Specially designed for artisan small brewers and cider producers, and for those creating sparkling mineral water and carbonated soft drinks or wines. Our new range of MICRO Carbonators offer three levels of capacity for those filling carbonated liquids into bottles or other containers:

  1. 500 Litres an hour
  2. 1000 litres an hour
  3. 1,500 litres an hour

Why do you need a carbonator or de-aerator?

Beer cider and wine have naturally dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) in them, that only need a boost of CO2 when carbonating.

Soft drinks and water are different: water is naturally rich in atmospheric air. This air needs to be removed BEFORE the CO2 can be added to make carbonated drinks and water.

Otherwise the water will not be saturated correctly and will reject the CO2 , CAUSING low carbonation feel on the palate. Moreover, immediately as a bottle is opened, the fizz will disperse rapidly, causing the water or drink to go flat.

  • For this reason before carbonating water for preparation of carbonated soft drinks, it is necessary to use a separate addition to the carbonating unit called a DE-AERATOR.

The water will pass first in a vertical column with a separator that extracts any dissolved natural air (composed of nitrogen and oxygen) by means of a vacuum pump.

Freed of the atmospheric air previously occupying its space in the water, we are now ready to pass it inside the carbonating column to give our water or soft drink the tangy tickling feeling of a rich carbonation.


Related Article on LinkedIn by Giovanni Solferini

Article: The need for de-aerating carbonated water and soft drinks

About CO2 Carbonators from IC Filling Systems

Carbonators are offered in either AISI 316L or AISI 304 stainless steel in contact with the product.

All offer a separate adapter for all types of Kegs to be able to carbonate beer and fill kegs.

Our compact Micro Carbonator sizes are 500 mm x 500 mm x Height 1,300 mm ( 1' 8" x 1' 8" x 4' 8" h) and can be integrated with a de-aerator unit (using a vacuum pump|) to eliminate the air naturally dissolved in water. The de-aerators are required when bottling carbonated water or soft drinks to enhance the duration and quality of the CO2 saturation.

Compact Micro Carbonators are suitable for Mineral and table water, flavoured water, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, juices, smoothies, energy drinks, tea, wine, beer and milk based beverages.

Mixers for soft drinks are more complex units that incorporate a sugar dissolving unit, a mixing tank, where flavours, sugar and fruit juice are mixed. This soft drink is then carbonated to produce a carbonated soft drink.

Power installed 5 KW, Dimensions 2500x1200mm H 2300mm

Annotated Index for Carbonator / Deaerator


Ref. 1: Column vertical cylindrical type, with spherical bottom and top

Ref. 2: Max. min. switch level control

Ref. 3: Feeding pump for water made by AISI 304, with AISI impeller

Ref. 4: Inlet and outlet butterfly valve

Ref. 5: Vacuum indicator

Ref. 6: Extraction centrifugal pump made to AISI 304, with AISI impeller

Ref. 7: Vacuum pump


Ref. 8: Column vertical cylindrical type, with spherical bottom and top, max pressure 6 bar

Ref. 9: Max. min. switch level control (not shown in the picture)

Ref. 10: CO2 Pressure regulator

Ref. 11: Manual CO2 flow control

Ref. 12: CO2 inlet valves

Ref. 13: Extraction centrifugal pump made by AISI 304, with AISI impeller NOT FDA

Ref. 14: Position for the installation of an optional pump

Control Panel

Electric control and power with the following specifications:

  • 304 stainless steel box , IP 55, designed in accordance with IEC
  • General switch.
  • Emergency button;
  • PLC with touch screen panel 7”

Video of Carbonator at Bornholm, Denmark

De-Aerator and Carbonator with 1000 litres per hour capacity

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