Milk & Yoghurt Aseptic Weight Filling Machines

Specialised Weight Filling for Dairy Milks & Yoghurts

Milk & Yoghurt Drinks

Milk & Yoghurt Drinks

This system offers the certainty that each container is filled with the nominal quantity by weight, and is specially designed for Milk and Yoghurt/ Yogurt products.

These machines are particularly suitable for small dosing of 100ml at high speed.

The weight filling process for Milk & Yoghurt requires weighing the empty container (tarring) and gravity filling of liquids.

Main advantages of weight filling

  • No contact between the dairy filling valve and the neck of the bottle
  • Continuous weight checking to allow detection of filling errors, for example damaged containers
  • Check the volume of product in the container
  • Filling precision for liquid products
  • Immediate setting of filling parameters for each nozzle
  • System adapts to intrinsic changes in the product during a production cycle
  • Solution overrides variations in product temperature and air content

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