NEW EPV Electro Pneumatic filling Valves with enhanced CO² flushing

CANLINE 12-1 EPV: Automatic Counterpressure Can Filler and Seamer

Can filling and seaming at up to 3,000 cans per hour

Italian made quality in an automatic counterpressure can filler - seamer with low oxygen pickup

Integral brushless electronic camme operations

Our innovative newly launched beverage counter-pressure can filler/seamer monoblock model: CANLINE 12-1 EPV is the first dual lane counter-pressure linear filler available on the market.

This automatic counter-pressure filler/seamer monoblock is able to produce up to 3,000 x 330ml cans per hour output.

You can handle different size cans with this line. It is an extremely flexible & versatile machine. It is simply a case of purchasing additional can handling parts for each different diameter can.

Our CANLINE 12-1 EPV, thanks to the electro-pneumatic control of the filling valves, offer high-speed precision filling and, in the case of beer and cider filling, minimal DO pickup levels.

Cost effective entry-level solution

It represents a cost-effective entry-level solution for automatic counterpressure filling lines for cans. Suitable for filling beer, wine and carbonated drinks, it features our new EPV (Electro Pneumatic Valve) technology.

The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle by adapting the filling and degassing timings to the necessity of each different carbonated drink via User friendly Omron PLC & 7” colour HMI touch screen control panel.

CANLINE 12-1 EPV consists of a twin (6 + 6) Linear Counterpressure filling system and a single head Seamer Turret suitable for various lid applications on different can formats.

Turret height adjustment system to accommodate different height cans.

The seamer seams 202 can lids and can manage 200 can lids on aluminium cans (sleek & slim) and other sizes on request.

Outfeed of 12-1 Canline

Method of operation

  • CO² flushing from the external CO² pressurised supply tanks
  • A hermetic seal is then created between the can and counter-pressure filling valve
  • Flushing of the inside of the cans by creating a flow of virgin CO² to remove the oxygen inside the cans, and at the same time by extracting the oxygen via the snift/degassing valve
  • Pressurising the cans a second time with CO² from the header tank on board the unit and balancing of the pressures between the can and the header tank
  • Counter-pressure filling is then performed
  • Once filling is complete, there is a stabilising pause to let the product settle inside the cans which aids in preventing foaming
  • Degassing/snifting brings the can back to atmospheric pressure

Characteristics of the filler

  • Reliable calculation of the fill level using the length of the vent tube
  • Low-oxygen filling thanks to CO² flushing
  • Closed CIP circuit
  • Hygienic design
  • Electro-pneumatically controlled filling valve functions for maximum flexibility, which is managed by the operator on the main control panel.
  • Able to handle various size cans ranging from 150ml to 1000ml with change parts
  • Able to handle various size can ends 200, 202, 300 with change parts
  • Twin lane header tanks independently operating allows one filling lane to be operating while the other is stopped for maintenance. Great contingency in case of fill valve failure to allow production to keep moving.


Automatic Seamer Turret supplied with:

  • Two automatic high volume revolving lid magazines
  • Double Chute equipped with lid presence monitoring device
  • Seamer head for 202 lids (200 opt)

Hugely improved design with many new and enhanced features including:

  • Faster filing cycle up to 3,000 cph
  • Higher quality of CO2 flushing for oxygen removal
  • Low Oxygen TPO (Total Pickup of Oxygen)
  • User friendly 7” colour HMI touch screen control panel and PLC
  • Seamer – single head seamer
  • Total control of cycles of machine through interactive touch screen
  • Easy visibility and access from all sides via transparent opening doors for easy maintenance
  • Flexibility to fill any size of can
  • Easy and rapid changeover from 202 to 200 type canning

Product to be filled: Beer, cider, CSDs, kombucha, wine, water, cold coffee

Type of container: Aluminium cans

Filling valves: 12

Seaming head: 1

Filling system: Electro-pneumatic Counter- Pressure Valves

Filling temperature: 0-2C

Cans standard dims: min. Ø50 / max. 85 (mm) H. min. 90/max. 210

Machine rotation: Clockwise

Working height: 1100mm ± 50mm

Output: 3,000 cph x 330ml cans


  • Parts to handle 200 type body and lids
  • CO2 under cover flushing
  • Hot water injection prior to seaming
  • Liquid Nitrogen dosing for still products
  • Spray cans wash tunnel after seaming
  • UL/CE/CSA electric parts
  • Inkjet coding

Download the CANLINE 12-1 EPV: Automatic Counterpressure Can Filler and Seamer Brochure for full details...

No email needed or form to fill — get the full specifications and full contact details right away in a single PDF document.

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