Robotic Depalletisers for Glass Bottles, Jars, Cans

4-axis robot or 6-axis robotic depalletising head with inflatable pipes, with vacuum plate or with suction cups.

Machine suitable for the depalletisation of new glass bottles, jars palletised with transfer of one layer at each time by sweeping method. This system needs the presence of flat layerpads.

Automatic infeed of the full pallets by means a motorized roll conveyor (width 2.200 mm) for one pallet under working and one pallet waiting.

The machine is managed in horizontal and vertical moves by inverter to have accurate and soft starts/stops.

Independent layer compacting device:

  • Interlayer gripper during translation of layer placed on adjustable support
  • Superior mobile chariot with perimetral mechanical compaction of layer.
  • Mechanical compaction inferior layer bottles, through a perimetral centering able to check pallet during de-palletising phases
  • Height work check through height layer read-photocells

The lifting and lowering movements are solidly and precisely guided on the side columns and on hardened iron guiding rails.


After the placement of the pallet on the pallet conveyor, the Operator has to remove the cover.

The conveyor moves the pallet under the sweeping head.

The centering nest compact the bottles layer before the descending of the sweeping head.

The sweeping head moves on the first bottle layer, closes all the sides and transfers it on an intermediate table, that moving up and down, transfers the bottle layer to the evacuation conveyor.

Robotic Bottle Palletisers

4-axis robot or 6-axis robotic Depalletizing head with inflatable pipes, with vacuum plate or with suction cups.

Robotic Palletisers are ideally suited to applications involving production from one, two or more lines where flexibility is required in a tight space. Robotic Palletiser heads can be designed to do a number of functions such as layer pad placement, empty pallet feed, etc without the need to change the heads.

Low speed Robot palletiser

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