Manual and Automatic Keg Washing & Filling Machines

For keg filling and washing of steel or plastic kegs, IC Filling Systems offer a range of machines designed and built with particular attention to hygene and available in different sizes and models.

The whole structure of the machine and the parts in contact with liquid are entirely steel AISI 304. The filling head is designed with particular attention to exclude any contact to air by the worked product and ensure a fill in full sterility.

The washing systems are designed to provide:

  1. A thorough washing
  2. The verification and control of the rinsing
  3. The absence of liquid in the barrel at the end of each stage of work, thus verifying the impossibility of racking unwanted contents and can inform the operator of the certain stage of the discharge.

The systems are preset for connection to the steam generator for heat sterilization of the containers. Shared command and control is located in a sealed control panel and managed electronically through the use of a PLC.

Our valves, for the control of the washing cycles and filling, are made of stainless steel turned solid and, thanks to their perfect internal finishing, allow easy washing and sterilizing preventing dirt from settling. Furthermore, the particular structure of massive steel, guarantees a good wear resistance and makes minimum the operations of ordinary maintenance.

Keg Washer

The standalone keg washer offers the advantage of a rapid rinsing and sterilising operation. Because it can operate on two kegs in parallel, it allows for the quick processing of returned kegs. The kegs can then be stocked, sealed, ready to be filled at any time by means of our pistol flowmeter connected to a carbonator unit.

Inver House Distillers logo

"I have absolutely no qualms in recommending IC Filling Systems as a good and reputable company to deal with."

- Jim Quigley, Bottling Manager, Inver House Distillers.

Wolfburn Distillery

“IC Filling Systems provided our first bottle line that never let us down despite the incredible work load it was asked to perform. As more equipment arrives to further reinforce and advance not just the Mk2 bottle line but the business as a whole, IC Filling Systems will remain our partner of choice. Reliable, consistent and robust.”

- Iain Kerr, Wolfburn Distillery

Cheddar Water products

"IC Filling Systems installed a new 7,000bph 20-20-5 Neck Handling PET Filler which we are extremely satisfied with. We were provided with excellent customer support from start to finish as well as being provided with a dedicated project engineer to assist with the whole process. Thanks to all the team at IC Filling Systems."

- Cheddar Water Ltd

"Purchased a beer filter, 2 head keg filler and 551 bottle filler. We have received great support and our machines are running very well."

- Eben Uys, The Mad Brew Master, Mad Giant, South Africa


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