Food Sauces Filling and Packaging Equipment

IC Filling Systems offer a complete range of Food Sauces Filling and Packaging Equipment including Piston Fillers for Viscous Products and Extended Shelf Life Ultra Clean Filling for Milk, Yoghurt Drinks and Fruit Juices or Smoothies.

Rotary & Linear Filling, Capping and Labelling for Food Sauces

Hot filling of sauces for long shelf life at ambient temperature

The filling turret is supplied with special descending valves suitable for the hot filling in bottles.

This particular filling turret is not manufactured with traditional upper tank, but it is provided with an upper manifold for product feeding to the filling valves and a lower manifold with pump for the recovery of excess product.

These manifolds are always full in order to guarantee a continuous product flow. the continuous product flow is ensured even during accidental stoppages of the line by a recirculation system that ensures that the product is always being filled at the prescribed temperature range.

Hot filling allows the sterilisation of both the glass containers and the twist off capper (twist-off caps are sterilised by steam prior to application).

The product is fed to the machine by means of a separate tank, positioned at a pre-set height so to allow gravity feeding; the level is controlled by probes and a regulator. This regulator is connected to a valve for either feeding the product to the tank or resend it to recirculation, according to its temperature.

For a better understanding how the FLEXIBLOC works, click on the video above or view on our Youtube channel.

Other applications for Liquid Food Sauces

We offer a wide range of fillers, which are used to fill a variety of different type of liquid and semi liquid Food sauces, such as:

  • Non contact 4 head linear flowmeter filler for milk
  • Non Contact filling for Milk with HEPA filters
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for Yoghurt – Single serve
  • Ultra Clean Filling block for fruit juice
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for Mayonnaise – Tube Filler
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for oil – PET Neck Handling
  • Volumetric Filling Line for Milk
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for oil – Glass bottles
  • Volumetric Filler for Oil – Glass Bottles with Press on Plastic Caps
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for Mayonnaise
  • Volumetric Filler Capper for Oil – 5Ltr PET Bottles
  • Volumetric Filling Line – Drinking Yoghurt

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