Bottle Washing and Rinsing Machines

Stand Alone Bottle Rinser as well as Rinsing Machines Integrated into Monoblocks.

Normally in this type of machine, spraying occurs independently of the presence of the bottle in the respective grippers. Our bottle rinsers can use water, air (called bottle air blowers), or the same product as that being filled. This last one is normally used in the spirit bottling industry to avoid any possible dilution of the alcohol with water residue.

9 head bottle rinser pincers

9 Head Rinser



The treatment time of the injected fluids is present and actuated by means of a special type of rotating distributor. However, on request, we can supply a version with spray control valves. The bottle-holding gripper can perform double opening of the gripping hand and has the same characteristics of construction and reliability as the penetrating nozzle versions.

Thanks to the particular shape of the gripper it has been possible to obtain a considerable improvement in the maximum diameter of bottle that can be used in relation to the machine pitch and therefore to its overall dimensions. In fact, the bottle rotation and overturning movement, occurs in line with the axis that coincides with the original diameter.

Also in this kind of machine, the bottle-gripping pads are of the quick replacement type. Different models of rinsers can apply double treatment, as in the case of wine or cider bottle filling when a first treatment involves injecting a solution of SO2, and then a second rinse with filtered water. Auxonia treatment is used in conjuntion with sterile or ultra-clean filling processes.

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