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OroGin get everything they asked for…

Rotary Labeling Machine Installation with Marco Solferini & Ray Clynick

OroGin get all that they ever wanted… This family business based in Dalton, in the borderlands of Scotland near Lockerbie, started their tapas bar in June 2017, and are taking delivery of their gin still for mass production mid-July 2017. They are producing a craft gin infused with high quality botanicals purchased from all over…

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Bottling Line for Hellyers Road Distillery, Tasmania

Hellyer's Road Bottling Line

12-year old Single Malt Whisky from Australia? Hellyers Road Distillery produces single malt whisky in northern Tasmania near Havenview. General Manager Mark Littler and Production Manager Greg Deal of Hellyers Road travelled to Italy to IC Filling Systems plants, to take delivery of their new bottling line for whisky and vodka, accompanied by Giovanni Solferini…

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Bottling Kombucha at Bio Brasseurs

Bio Brasseurs

Semi-Automatic Bottling of Kombucha in Strasbourg IC Filling Systems has just installed a carbonator and filling machine to Bio Brasseurs in Strasbourg which is being used to bottle Kombucha. “We’re delighted to have been chosen as the supplier for filling a beverage that has a fast growing market share globally.” said Marco Solferini, Sales Director…

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Arran Brewery to Buy Bottling Line

Arran brewery

Arran Brewery has confirmed a complete bottling line with IC Filling Systems. Thanks to support from Scottish Enterprise and the Bank of Scotland, Arran Brewery has placed an order for its own bottling line. Currently Arran Brewery sends tankers south for bottling or uses two small hand bottling machines on Arran. Managing Director Gerald Michaluk…

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Pharmaceutical Bottling at Thermo Fisher UK

Linear laboratory grade bottling machine with ROPP capper: Features special diving nozzles which move into the bottle to ensure no spillage but avoids contact with the microbial fluids surface and a drip tray to avoid any contamination or biological hazard. These filling heads can be electronically adjusted to different heights & diving/non-diving settings for different…

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In House Bottling Line for Maitre De Bataille Brasserie

Maitre de Bataille Logo

The brew restaurant Maitre De Bataille has installed a fully automatic 1,000bph bottling & labeling line to be operated in a 3.1 x 3.9 meter space in their brasserie dé Genevouai. Our compact 5.5.1 Microblock actually just fit inside their heavy-duty service-lift! Their great new line allows for flexible growth. It includes the 5.5.1 Microblock…

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441 Compactblock Delivered To Nobby’s Brewery

IC Filling Systems has just delivered a new all in one rinsing, filling & capping machine to Nobby’s Brewery in Northamptonshire, England. The counter-pressure isobaric bottle filler will be used to fill beer & ales into glass bottles at up to 600 bph. Our 441 can include the following options for extra versatility: Pre-evacuation of…

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Self-Adhesive Rotary Labeller

Self-Adhesive Rotary Labeller IC Filling Systems has recently delivered this 3 station, high speed Self-Adhesive Rotary Labeller to label empty bottles for Owens-Illinois decorative glassworks in Alloa Scotland. The Self-Adhesive Rotary Labeller with side notch orientator operates at speeds up to 3600 bph. It was delivered a turret diameter of 600mm for large 1.75L containers.…

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6-6-1 Compactblock for Romanian Brewery ‘Bere Zaganu’

6-6-1 Compactblock for Romanian Brewery ‘Bere Zaganu’ IC Filling Systems has just delivered a new 6-6-1 Compactblock to Fabrica de Bere Buna that has been designed for rinsing, bottle filling & corking glass beer bottles with a speed of up to 400 bph for 330 ml (12 oz) . 6-6-1 CompactblockBottle Rinser 6-6-1 CompactblockBottle Filling…

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Automatic Yogurt Bottling Line For Irish Dairy

Automatic Yogurt Bottling Line For Irish Dairy Different Dairy based at Donegal Creameries in Donegal, Ireland has recently completed the installation and start up of a brand new Complete automatic bottling line for yogurt in PET bottles supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd of Newbridge. Designed to produce up to 6,000 bottles per hour on…

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