Double Down’s flexible spirits filling line for Vodka

Double Down Distillery in Maryland, USA, have taken delivery of a complete spirits bottling line for vodka including:

  • Rinser/Filler/T-Corker/ROPP capper monoblock in 12/16/1/1 configuration
  • Mechanical cap elevator
  • PVC capsule applicator
  • Conveyors line with pack off table

Flexible Filling Line

This line is particularly interesting as it handles a large range of bottles from 50ml PET bottles with 20x12mm ROPP closures, 375ml hip flasks with T-corks, 750ml bottles with T-corks, 1000ml bottles with T-corks and 1750ml bottles with T-corks and adds a PVC heat shrink tamper evident sleeve over the top of the T-corks closure at a rate of 2,800 bottles per hour on 750ml.

The problem they had to solve was finding a line flexible enough to handle their full range of bottles in fully automatic mode due to big increases in sales growth. With this automatic system we managed to satisfy their requirements and are they are able to run the bottling line at full 2,800 per hour capacity with only 2 people. A big increase from their old operation running at 400 bottles per hour with 4 people!

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