Capsuler and Labeller installed at Wolfburn Distillery, Scotland

IC Filling Systems have delivered an automatic capsuler and labeller for Wolfburn Distillery in Thurso, Caithness, in the far north of Scotland.

Here’s what Iain Kerr, Distillery Manager, had to say:

“Wolfburn initially engaged with IC Filling Systems in 2017 when we bought a full suite of semi automatic bottling machinery. A bottle washer, filler, corker, capsuler and labeller was promptly delivered from their Italian facility and over the course of the next seven years we bottled way more than I think any designer envisioned the machine would be asked to do.

“The machinery proved robust and reliable and, with only a small amount of technical knowledge and ability, operation and maintenance was easily carried out in house. After circa 800,000 bottles filled, corked capsuled and labelled, with only routine maintenance and a few bearings replaced, it was time to upgrade. Engaging with Marco a mono block capsuler, multi-labeller, ink jet with rotary table was decided upon as the first part of the upgrade.

Adjusting labelling machine at Wolfburn Distillery

Video of Capsuler and Labeller in action

Automatic capsuler / labeller

Doubling bottling speed and reducing manpower

“Again IC Filling Systems worked methodically through our needs and wants for not just today but also the near and long term to establish an agreed upon build criteria that allowed the business to know that we could bottle a variety of whisky expressions, with quick change overs between expressions, and the highest attention to quality control to allow us to fulfil orders quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

“When the monoblock arrived it was quickly put to work and today has doubled our speed of bottling whilst allowing us to meet new EU geographic labelling criteria without any time lost. We can now apply an extra label to the rear of the bottle detailing individual importer/distributor details if we wish with no time penalty to operations.

“With one machine now carrying out four actions the manpower demand on the line has reduced dramatically allowing the business to redeploy manpower to other areas and further increase efficiency.

Adjusting capsuler at Wolfburn Distillery
Wolfburn Labelling

Reliable, consistent and robust

“IC Filling Systems provided our first bottle line that never let us down despite the incredible work load it was asked to perform and as more equipment arrives to further reinforce and advance not just the Mk2 bottle line but the business as a whole IC filling systems will remain our partner of choice. Reliable, consistent and robust.” — Ian Kerr, Wolfburn Distillery Manager

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