Semi-automatic bottling plant for Source Global in Saudi Arabia

Gravity Bottle Filler for Source

IC Filling Systems are shipping a complete semi automatic pilot bottling plant for Source Global, who have pioneered a new method of extracting water from the humidity in the air. This plant is destined for a coastal area in Saudi Arabia near the Red Sea.

Here’s how the process works: 1) Solar energy powers the panel completely off-grid. 2) Fans draw in ambient air and push it through a hygroscopic, or water-absorbing material, that traps water vapour from the air. 3) The water vapour is extracted and passively condenses into liquid that is collected in the reservoir. 4) Minerals are added to make perfect drinking water.

The technology is heralded as the world’s first renewable water supply. It uses special solar hydropanels to extract water from the natural high humidity content in coastal areas of deserts like the one in Saudi Arabia.

Semi automatic gravity filling machine with capper

Sustainable water supply and sustainable reusable bottles

It’s been estimated that a single Source Hydropanel eliminates the need for 54,000 single-use plastic water bottles over its 15-year lifespan. The American company behind the sustainable technology intends to ramp up the plant to much larger capacity in the future.

Learn more about the process and the company at

The bottling plant uses a decorated silk screened bottle that will be re-used many times. Using a semi automatic bottle washer, the returned empty bottles will be cleaned and filled and capped using the combined 4 valve gravity filler and capper for ROPP metal closures. IC Filling systems has also supplied a short motorised bottle conveyor to apply the best before date on the bottles via a Domino Ink jet coder.

Inkjet coder for best before date / batch numbering

Semi Automatic Bottle Washer

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