IC Filling Systems are suppliers of bottling, labelling and packaging equipment for water, soft drinks, beers, wines, spirits, food sauces, chemicals and toiletries.

Packaging machines & Layouts

Market applications for our machines

Suppliers of Bottling Capping Labelling Packaging Equipment

IC Filling Sytems have been supplying bottling & packaging machines to small and medium size users since 1994.

We have advised on how to integrate a complete bottling line to many users , who have been happily bottling away ever since.

If you need a small bottling plant for beer, wine, water, oil, vinegar, alcohol, sauces or chemical products we can supply you, as a one stop shop, with a complete project, designed by us.

We will include a layout with bottle conveyor system, a rinsing-filling-capping machine block, a labeller, a ink jet coder,  a shrinkwrapping multipack machine, a palletiser and a depalletiser.

Do you need to pasteurise or carbonate your product, mix it or pasteurise the filled bottles? We have it.

Just starting a new business? Looking for a complete laboratory plant to fill your bottles for marketing tests? We have it.