Volumetric Filling Machines

We supply both semi-automatic and automatic Volumetric Filling Machines for edible oils, sauces and chemicals.

Automatic  volumetric filler for edible oils

Volumetric filling machines supplied with cylinders, suitable for filling of edible oil into PET/HDPE bottles or tins. Possibility to adjust cylinder capacity. Filler complete with stainless steel upper tank with stainless steel floating device for liquid level control.

Semi-automatic  volumetric piston filler

Patented, high precision, reliable, and easy-to-use piston filling machines for accurate filling of various containers even with very thick liquids, foods/sauces or chemicals.


Single & Twin Head Vertical Volumetric Filling Machines

Pneumatic volumetric fillers manufactured with food grade materials. These machines are very light and are easily moved. These fillers are suitable for filling liquids in every kind of container and are excellent for filling tin cans or plastic bottles with edible oil. Doses between 200ml to 5000 ml can be filled by this machine. Perfect for handling non-foamy products, such as detergents, shampoos, bubble bath liquids etc. We also have a smaller model to fill 50 to 2000ml). We also supply this machine with diving nozzles to bottom fill containers with foaming products.