IC Filling Systems can supply a wide range of Semi-Automatic Capping Machines for different applications and caps. Our table top machines are offer capping solutions for metal crown caps, plastic screwcaps and Ropp metal caps. If you are interested in one of our capping machines, get in touch with us for a quotation.

Semi-automatic mechanical ROPP capper

Our semi automatic capper is the ideal solution for the application of various size ROPP closures from 18 to 38mm on glass bottles. Single head mechanical semiautomatic capper complete with new capping head for  one size metal closures which conforms to CE safety regulations using a two button starter operating system. This type of machine has been planed, made and certified only to use to close all type of aluminium caps.

Mechanical ROPP Capper

Mechanical ROPP Capper

The semiautomatic mechanic capping machine will be complete of M2009 capping head made in stainless steel, complete of No-Cap-No-Roll safety system, for only one type of diameter of aluminium caps. The head mounted on the machine will be made to close the samples of caps and bottles of the customer. This capper is  particularly useful for laboratories, wine makers, and/or small scale productions about 500/600 b/h.

Pneumatic Corker

Fully air-operated, innovative, patented corker and capper. This is a solid, compact and easy to use machine for perfect corking and capping of Crown cork, agglomerated cork stoppers, synthetic caps with diameters up to 25 mm and height up to 45 mm

Pneumatic Corker

Pneumatic Corker

Corks are manually put into the cone. When both start-buttons are switched on, the cork is placed into the bottle by compression, ensuring cork integrity. The special capping head design ensures perfect corking without damages to the cork surface. This corker and capper is equipped with a condensation collection and dump unit, air pressure adjuster to regulate the pressure depending on the type of cork or cap employed.

Semi-automatic Crimping machine

Descending head semiautomatic bench top capping machine for PFP caps with or without plastic pourer, pharmaceutical caps for injectable solutions, UT and FEA capsules. The bottle, with the cap placed manually on the neck, is placed on the support plate. By pressing the 2 buttons at both sides of the base, the closing head descends and seals the capsule in a few seconds.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

Semi Auto Crimper

The machine is suitable for closing caps from a minimum of Ø 18 mm to a maximum of 42 mm. The 4 rollers NO CAP NO ROLL closing head is completely manufactured in stainlesssteel and it’s adjusted for closing 1 cap size. For each different diameter, it is necessary to purchase a supplementary closing head.

Pneumatic Screw Cappers for bottles and jars

Air operated capper suitable for closing twist off screw caps. The operator put the cap in the magnetic cap chuck and pushes the buttons placed at both sides of the machine base. The closing head descends toward the cap, closing it while a pneumatic system blocks the container preventing it from spinning.     We can also supply capping Heads for ROPP metal closures to suit any existing brand of cappers (Zalkin, Arol, Bertolaso, Alcoa, MBF, etc.)