Ultra Clean Filling Machines

We supply Ultraclean (non-contact filling) Rinser/Filler/cappers for filling of delicate products such as fresh pasteurised milk, fruit juices & pharmaceutical products. We have developed a filling valve without gaskets. The absence of gaps and internal valves simplify the cleaning process. The machines can be built with traditional bottle transfer methods or Neck Handling for PET bottles.

  The process for Ultraclean filling is as follows:

A)     Chemical sterilisation of the bottles

B)      Bottle sterile rinsing

C)      Sterile filling (non-contact valves)

D)     UV ray + chemical sterilisation of the caps + washing with sterile water before capping in clean room

Ultraclean Filling Machines for small users speed 1800 bph

The Seal Box ICFS 160 model is a thermosealing machine with a 4-station starwheel. It is manufactured to run non-destackable containers made of plastic, glass, metal. It is suitable to meet customer’s needs in different fields such as cosmetics, pharmaceutics, foodstuff.  This model is ideal for small and medium sized productions (up to 1500-1800 pieces/hours),combining the highest quality with low price.Constructed of stainless steel, the ICFS 160 is built to withstand aggressive and damp environment (IP 65 class protection). Cleaning and maintenance operations are easy and fast.

The control panel is friendly use and can store all machine functions. The filler and sealing head are driven pneumatically, while all other stations are mechanical. The machine can be customized on request. Several accessories such as coding systems, printed top web,capping are available.

Weight Fillers for Ultra Clean Filling Ultra Clean Filler for fruit juices. Non contact 4 head linear flowmeter filler for milk and drinking yoghurt . Non contact filling for Milk and drinking yoghurt with HEPA filters. For higher resolution of videos please go to download page Machine. Video Downloads These machine have been designed for products which have particular hygienic needs ranging from very fluid to very dense products. Filler advantages:

- All of the product contact parts are easily disconnectable easy sterilized & visually inspectable

- Polished tank surface Ra= 0.2 Micron Reduced timing and chemical cleaners use

- Perfect hygienic conditions guaranteed for milk, fruit juice, sport drinks etc..

- Ultra Clean Nozzle” pneumatic drive Suitable with Mechanical or Electronic Capper Mechanical Capper

The new capping units are complete with magnetic clutch capable to eliminate definitively whichever action push-button on the stopper. No scratch on the cap and very high accuracy of the torque regulator.

Electronic Capper Turret

- Capping heads powered from brush-less motors without clutch between motor and cap

- Cap orientation

- Torque control

- Total control on capping heads revolution and fractions of turn Quick release change over.