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Ultra Clean Filling Machines

We supply Ultra Clean Filling Machines (non-contact filling) Rinser/Filler/cappers for filling of delicate products such as:

  • fresh pasteurised milk
  • fruit juices
  • cold filled mayonnaise
  • tomato ketchup
  • salad creams
  • pharmaceutical products

We have developed a filling valve without gaskets.

The absence of gaps and internal valves simplify the cleaning process. The machines can be built with traditional bottle transfer methods or Neck Handling for PET bottles.

What is the process for Ultra Clean Filling?

  • Chemical sterilisation of the bottles
  • Bottle sterile rinsing using Auxonia and combined with sterile water rinsing of the Auxonia
  • Ultra Clean Sterile filling (non-contact valves), either by flow metres or by weight cells.
  • UV ray + chemical sterilisation of the caps + washing with sterile water before capping in clean room. The bottle closures or caps can be sterilesd with steam in the chute or by an Auxonia spray.
  • Over pressure in the filling machine with sterile filtered air is vital to ensure harmful bacteria are filtered out of the air inside the filler. Air is first filtered via an HEPA filter and poumped at a light pressure inside the filter which is enclosed in a full shell where air is filtered. The overpressure ensures that no contaminated air is let in the filling machine during normal production.

Ultra Clean Filling is a process concept involving the combination of various technologies rather than a single "quick Fix" techncal item. The process involves also an "environment" element, that is, it requires a production attitude to clean filling processes in the staff of the factory.

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