Flexibloc - Automatic Filling, Capping & Labelling for Wine & Spirits

The FLEXIBLOC is a linear gravity filling system custom designed around your specific requirements for wine and spirits. It does not require any change parts when changing bottle formats.

The length of the Flexibloc will vary, depending on the extra features that you require for your packaging. For example, top strip duty label, multiple labels, and different types of caps.

These bottling lines are made specifically for filling spirits/liquors (as well as olive oil, vinegar, & other food liquids) at low speed but automatically in glass bottles of any size and shape.

The Flexibloc is a compact linear system designed for low speeds, and has a very special, unique feature.

This exclusive system is capable of handling on a single complete line, different format bottles from 50ml to 2000ml, without any change parts thanks to our special bottle size change over system (international patent pending).

Spirits Bottling Line – 4000bph

Wine Bottling & Corking 600bph

Labeler & pneumatic cork pressing for Whisky Bottles

High Speed Rinser Filler Capper for miniatures

This key advantage is very much appreciated in distilleries, where usually many different (and complex) bottles are processed, and production batches are small.

The complete bottle size change over, is performed by simple and easy adjustments (15-30 minutes depending on the size of the machine), and no replacement of handling parts is required.

IC Filling Systems can supply very compact systems to perform the total bottling cycle, from rinsing and filling to labelling (front, back & neck) including capping, capsuling, coding and seal/tax strip application in fully automatic mode, for a speed ranging from 400 bph to 1500 bph.

The whole plant, linear system, “tailor made”, multi-function and multi-format, is made as a single unit. It is a monoblock with a very compact footprint, easy to install and easy to manage.

We can also guarantee:

  • Total respect of the product being filled (especially suitable for high-end top quality products)
  • Application of nearly every kind of caps (ROPP, screw, press-on) and capsules (plastic, or tinfoil)
  • Application of different labels, front, back and neck, collars and fiscal seals of any type and size, with extreme accuracy.

For a better understanding how the FLEXIBLOC works, click on the video above or view on our Youtube channel.

Bottle Filling Systems for Wines & Spirits

IC Filling Systems offer a wide range of solutions for Wine & Spirits with the specialised filling of delicate wines in isobaric conditions and in an oxygen free environment.

From artisanal small volumes, right up to high speed complete bottling lines, either automatic or manual.

Wine and Spirits processing

In the processing of spirits and wines we offer a range of equipment form storage tanks to filtration systems to CIP systems and carbonation units.

Wine is very sensitive to any contact with oxygen and therefore the more advanced bottling solutions for still wines include both filling in isobaric conditions with CO2 or Nitrogen saturation of the filling tank, and also the injection of liquid nitrogen inside the neck of the bottles prior to capping the bottle.

These two combined operations, plus the specialised design of our filling valves with external snift, ensure a minimal oxygen pick up by the wine.

Low and high vacuum filling is available for filling spirits and we offer a range of solutions from artisanal small volumes filling right up to high speed complete bottling lines.

Contact IC Filling Systems…

For detailed information, contact our Sales Director Marco Solferini by calling +39 0141 162 0091 or +39 0141 74166 (Italy) +44 1865 520 083 (UK) or +1 707 236 6353 (US). Alternatively, use the contact form below, or request a quotation.  


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