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Semi-Automatic Bottling Equipment & Filling Equipment

IC Filling Systems can provide machines for your whole bottling process, from rinsing to labelling for laboratories, small food & drinks companies.

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Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

IC Filling Systems sell a range of..

  • Piston Filling Machines - perfect for thicker products.
  • Single head and Four Head Filling Machines
  • Hygienic, no spillage.
  • Adjustable filling levels.
  • Single & Twin Head Vertical Volumetric Filling Machines -
  • Excellent for food grade & foaming products.
  • Can also handle very small bottles.
  • Weight Filling Machines - for precision measurements eg. chemicals are key.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

Suppliers of semi-automatic capping machines-various applications

  • Semi-automatic Champagne Corking machine for the application of Champagne ‘Mushroom’ type corks on glass bottles
  • Semi-Automatic Crimping machines for the closing of perfume type bottles
  • Semi-automatic Capper for Twist Off and Pre-Threaded Plastic Cap on glass jars and plastic bottles
  • Capping Heads for ROPP metal closures to suit any existing brand of cappers (Zalkin, Arol, Bertolaso, Alcoa, MBF, etc.)

Semi-Automatic Bottling - Complete Lines

We offer complete bottling lines for the smaller or artisan producer.

The videos below show an example from Culisse in Scotland who specialise in producing high quality rapeseed oils. Equipment supplied included a 4 head vacuum filler, a t corker, ROPP Capper, PVC Capsuler, Automatic Labeller and a belt conveyor system to tie everything together and improve production throughput.

Semi Automatic Bottling Line at Culisse, Scotland for Rapeseed Oil
Semi Automatic Rapeseed Oil Filling
Miniature Bottle ROPP Capping
Automatic Self-Adhesive Labeller with Date Coder
ROPP Capper & PVC Capsuler

Semi-Automatic Labelling Machines

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine for Plastic and Glass Bottles

  • Semi-automatic table top labelling machines for self adhesive labels.
  • Spare parts available to work both round and square containers.
  • Can apply both front and back labels.

Rinsers and Air Blowing Machines

Semi-Automatic Rinser/Air Blower Machines

  • These semi-automatic rinsing machines wash bottle and jars internal surface.
  • It works with every kind of container from 0,2 to 2 lt.
  • We have rinsers to deliver water, product or air.
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