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Semi-Automatic Bottling Equipment & Filling Equipment

IC Filling Systems can provide machines for your whole bottling process, from rinsing to labelling for laboratories, small food & drinks companies.

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Semi-Automatic Filling Machines

IC Filling Systems sell a range of..

  • Piston Filling Machines - perfect for thicker products.
  • Single head and Four Head Filling Machines
  • Hygienic, no spillage.
  • Adjustable filling levels.
  • Single & Twin Head Vertical Volumetric Filling Machines -
  • Excellent for food grade & foaming products.
  • Can also handle very small bottles.
  • Weight Filling Machines - for precision measurements eg. chemicals are key.

Semi-Automatic Capping Machines

Suppliers of semi-automatic capping machines-various applications

  • Semi-automatic Champagne Corking machine for the application of Champagne ‘Mushroom’ type corks on glass bottles
  • Semi-Automatic Crimping machines for the closing of perfume type bottles
  • Semi-automatic Capper for Twist Off and Pre-Threaded Plastic Cap on glass jars and plastic bottles
  • Capping Heads for ROPP metal closures to suit any existing brand of cappers (Zalkin, Arol, Bertolaso, Alcoa, MBF, etc.)

Semi-Automatic Labelling Machines

Semi-Automatic Labeling Machine for Plastic and Glass Bottles

  • Semi-automatic table top labelling machines for self adhesive labels.
  • Spare parts available to work both round and square containers.
  • Can apply both front and back labels.

Rinsers and Air Blowing Machines

Semi-Automatic Rinser/Air Blower Machines

  • These semi-automatic rinsing machines wash bottle and jars internal surface.
  • It works with every kind of container from 0,2 to 2 lt.
  • We have rinsers to deliver water, product or air.