We offer a complete range of bottling equipment & bottle labeling  for glass & plastic bottles, cans & jars.

For all types of users, for all type of liquids or viscous products and for all sizes of production: from table-top manual bottling equipment to very fast bottling lines up to 20,000 bottles per hour.

Our range will satisfy all your bottling and packaging machine requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your needs for the following applications:

Filling Machine:

  • Gravity – water, wine, oil, Spirits, vinegar
  • Vacuum – water, wine, oil, Spirits, vinegar
  • Hot Fill – sauces, juice concentrates, jams
  • Isobaric – Beer, Carbonated Soft drinks, Sparkling Wine,
  • Piston (Automatic & Semi-Automatic) – Measured by volume for Honey, Jams, Oil, Pastes, sauces, cosmetic creams
  • Weight (volumetric) – Yogurt, Milk, Mayonnaise, Salad Creams, Oil
  • Flowmeter (volumetric) – Yogurt, Milk, Mayonnaise, Salad Creams, Oil
  • Explosion Proof – ATEX certified for waxes, solvents, inks, alcohol, spirits
  • Acid resistant Filling Machine – for bleaches and corrosive liquids
  • Etiquetteuses
  • Pouch – for flexible pouches
    • Bag In Box – for bag in box wine, water, soft drinks concentrates, water and oil
    • Bottle labeling

    For any other special requirements please contact us with your details.

    IC Filling Systems offers custom built machines designed on the specific needs of each of its clients. Thanks to the wide range of formats (from single machines to multifunctional units, including rinsingvolumetric/gravity/isobaric/vacuum/hot fill and capping) IC Filling Systems filling machines are an efficient solution for all clients requirements.