Twist off/ Linear Capping Machines



IC Filling Systems Ltd are suppliers of semi-automatic and automatic twist off capping equipment for different output speeds ranging from 500 to 36.000 jars per hour.

Below please find the examples and their pictures:

  1. Semi-auto mechanical capper for twist off caps on glass jars
  2. Semi-auto pneumatic capper for twist off caps on glass jars
  3. Twist off capper 1.8 model up to 4,200 jars per hour
  4. Twist off capper 2.8 model up to 9,000 jars per hour
  5. Twist off capper 3.8 model up to 21,000 jars per hour
  6. Twist off capper 4.8 model up to 6,000 jars per hour in dry atmosphere (no steam)
  7. Twist off capper 5.8 model up to 36,000 jars per hour