Equipment to fill sauces in bottles, jars or pouches

View our vast range of solutions from IC Filling Systems for jars, bottles & flexible packaging.

We have hot fill, hygienic & sterilization processes for anything from sauces & high sugar drinks to milk & syrups - using non-contact filling for viscous products.

This involves piston filling valves drawing in a set volume and weight filling, where the product is weighed as it is dispensed. We also use different methods depending on circumstances.

Please contact us for more details and to discuss your scope of supply.

Our food bottling equipment can be used for dairy, medical syrups, oils & other viscous products. A proprietary non-contact magnetic filling valve can be used for guaranteed hygiene.

Please see below to view our range:

Volumetric Bottling Machine

Volumetric For Sauces & High Sugar Products

Click here for volumetric piston fillers from semi-automatic, to monoblocks & high speed filling lines.

Hot fill process is available for high sugar products like preserves, fruit juices, isotonic drinks & ice-tea.

Hygienic Packaging Machine

Weight Filling For Semi-solids

Click here for weight filling & Ultra-Clean hygienic requirements.

Includes dairy, semi-solids foods, mayonnaise, oils, waxes & more.

Flexible Packaging

Pouches for Dry Goods & Sauces

Click here for Doypack flexible pouches.

Pouches are a great way to save space & for customers to re seal your product especially powdered goods which need to stay dry.

Common uses include spices, cooked rice, gelatine & food sauces.

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