Food filling equipment to fill sauces in bottles, jars or pouches

IC Filling Systems are specialists in the integration of complete plastic bottle, glass bottle, glass jar, & plastic jar packaging solutions with fruit juices & food sauces from A-Z which includes the processing of fruits & vegetables.

We are able to advise on, integrate and supply:

  • Glass bottle or glass jar depalletising units
  • Rinsers
  • Piston fillers (or weight filling)
  • Capping systems
  • Bottle and jar inspection systems
  • Inline tunnel pasteurisation systems
  • Jar or bottle inverting equipment (cap/neck sterilisation systems)
  • Container drying tunnels
  • Full body decorative sleeving systems + shrinking tunnels
  • Labelling systems (Self-adhesive, Paper label with hot melt, Paper label with cold glue, Reel Fed OPP)
  • End of line cartoning systems
  • Tray + shrinkfilm packaging systems
  • Palletisers
  • Pallet wrappers
  • CIP stations
  • Date coding systems
  • Can/bottle/jar conveyor systems
  • Complete fruit or vegetable juice processing systems
  • Installation, commissioning, start-up & operator training packages
Complete line for mayonnaise filling in PET bottles

Glass Bottle/Jar Depalletiser

Automatic Depalletiser
Automatic Depalletiser

Machines designed for the depalletising of pallets containing glass jars, bottles or cans.

The range includes systems with product feeding from the top or from the bottom, with automatic, semi-automatic or robotised operation. The choice of the solution depends on the customer's requirements, in terms of productivity, flexibility and line layout.

Universal Rinser

The universal rinser is a machine entirely made of AISI304 stainless steel, and is designed for the interior cleaning of empty containers, like cans as well as glass and/or plastic jars and/or bottles, with air, water or steam before they are conveyed to the filler.

Universal Blower
Universal Blower detail

Filling Machines

Dosing and filling machines, both linear and rotary, for liquid, dense and solid products. The range includes:

  • Linear piston dosing machine
  • Linear mass-flow dosing machine
  • Rotary piston dosing machine
  • Linear vibrating filler for solids
  • Rotary vacuum filler for brine
Linear Filler
Rotary Piston Filler
Vibrating filler for solids
Vacuum filler for brine
Head spacer for solids like gherkins mushrooms onions pickles

Twist Off Capping Machines

Linear automatic capping machine

Linear automatic capping machines, entirely made of AISI 304 and 316L stainless steel, designed for the vacuum sealing of glass jars and bottles equipped with twist-off type metal cap of different sizes, by injection of steam into the head space. Each capping machine can be supplied with a magnetic vertical cap feeding system with control sensor for the expulsion of incorrectly aligned caps

Tunnel Pasteurising

Tunnel Pasteuriser

The tunnel pasteurisers/coolers are automatic machines designed for the pasteurising or cooling of products already packaged in glass, plastic and cans of different sizes and shapes.

Palletising & Depalletising Robots

Robot Depalletiser

Machines designed for both palletising only or combined palletising + depalletising of layers of loose jars, bundles, boxes & cans.

The range includes systems with product feeding from the top or from the bottom, with automatic or robotised operation. The choice of the solution depends on the customer’s requirements, in terms of productivity, flexibility and line layout.

Hygienic Packaging Machine

Weight Filling For Semi-solids

Click here for weight filling & Ultra-Clean hygienic requirements.

Includes dairy, semi-solids foods, mayonnaise, oils, waxes & more.

Flexible Packaging

Pouches for Dry Goods & Sauces

Click here for Doypack flexible pouches.

Pouches are a great way to save space & for customers to re seal your product especially powdered goods which need to stay dry.

Common uses include spices, cooked rice, gelatine & food sauces.

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