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Weight Filling Machines

Weight Filling Machines are suitable for milk, medical syrups, oils, viscous products, detergents, shampoos, and liquid waxes. We also have aproprietary non contact magnetic filling valve for guaranteed hygiene and Ultra Clean Filling.

The following types of Weight Fillers are available:

  • Classic Classic Filling and capping monobloc with high versatility. Suitable for almost any kind of product, ranging from very fluid to dense: Milk, drinking yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit and cereal etcetera.
  • Ultra clean Filling Machines are designed for products with specific Hygienic needs ranging from very fluid to very dense products.
  • Tube Filling Machines specifically studied for products ranging from medium to high viscosity for a quick product change with or without C.I.P.
  • Corrosive Resistant Machines studied for highly acidic products which can be corrosive ranging from very fluid to very dense.
  • Milk Specific fillers for milk and dairy products (drinking yoghurt) with Neck Handling System
  • Quadriblock Packaging Machine for sterilization, filling and closing of containers for food products like fruit juices, isotonic drinks and cold tea.

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