Bottle Filling Systems for Microbreweries shipped to Romania

First 6-6-1 Compactblock Beer filling system for microbreweries shipped to Romania

The launch at BEERX 2015 the Annual SIBA conference (Association of Independent Breweries) in Sheffield and the BA Craft Beer Expo in Portland Oregon of our new Beer filling systems for microbreweries has been received with great success, and a number of #Breweries have taken delivery of the new CompactBlock.

The latest satisfied customer of is Fabrica de Bere Buna in Romania.

The new Compactblock 6-6-1 has been designed to rinse, fill and cork glass bottles with a maximum speed of 500-600 bph x 330ml.

The machine features a 6 head rinser, an isobaric filling system with 6 filling valves and can be equipped with different types of capping turrets (ROPP, Crown or plastic screw-on). The crown capper is available with the optional automatic feeding system of caps (see photo above) and also an optional fobbing device to remove any remaining oxygen in the neck of the bottle before closing. The filling tank is fitted with spray balls for a total CIP (cleaning in Place) and accessorised with dummy bottles for CIP.

The Compactblock is mounted on lockable wheels for easy mobility and it is suitable for bottling beer, wine, sparkling soft drinks and water..