Visit us at the Craft Brewers Conference 2015 in Portland

Visit us at the Craft Brewers conference 2015 Portland

IC filling Systems will take part in the 2015 Craft Brewers Conference that will take place in Portland, Oregon, from 14 to 17th April 2015.

Please visit us to see a NEW innovative low scale bottling unit in action!

Description of the new 3-3-1 microblock filling machine

Rinsing turret

Rinsing turret supplied with grippers with standard fixed nozzles.
The bottle gripper pads are an extra-rapid assemble and disassemble type.
The rinser is supplied with a single stage rinsing treatment (double stage available on demand).
This machine is equipped with a device for detection of the bottle on the conveyor (NO BOTTLE ON CONVEYOR/NO SPRAY): it consist in a photocell which stops the machine and closes the rinser electro valve in case of bottle lack in order to avoid light sprays.
Electrovalve to control the rinsing fluid. The valve stops the treatment fluid flow every time the machine stops and starts it at the machine re-starting.
Pressure regulator for the treatment fluid.
Filter for rinsing solution, complete with container and cartridge.
Manual turret height adjustment (electric regulation available on demand)

Filling turret

Counter-pressure filling turret, supplied with valves suitable for filling carbonated beer, into glass bottle.

Manual filling turret height adjustment (electric regulation available on demand)

The filling turret has an annular tank with a mirror polished internal surface and a level control probe.
Product supply through central manifold.

Capping turret “TC”

Automatic corking turret suitable for crown cork application on glass bottles, supplied with:
– automatic vibrating sorter, made of AISI 304 stainless steel; equipped with caps level monitoring device;
– chute equipped with cap presence monitoring device, made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
– Nr. 1 corking head with pressure-closing cone for permanent crown cork deformation.