IC Filling Systems Opened a Sales Office in Santa Rosa

IC Filling Systems Opened a Sales Office in Santa Rosa

We are delighted to announce that our company has opened up for business in the Santa Rosa area on the West Coast of the USA.

Our technical sales team, lead by Giovanni Solferini, will be operating initially out of our office in Suite #200, 3558 Round Barn Boulevard, Santa Rosa, CA 95403 E-Mail: sales@icfsgroup.com Tel.: +1 707 236 6353

While our full range of bottling equipment will be on offer, the main emphasis of the new US operations will be to introduce on the North American market the successful range of bottle and jars labelling equipment aimed at high speed lines of wines, spirits and fast moving goods.

The labelling range is specifically aimed to solve the most difficult technical issues of packaging demanding bottles like spirits, where a high number of labels are required to be applied precisely (we offer tolerances of plus or minus 1mm), in recessed bottles, with electronic orientation and camera systems, and at high speeds.

A fitting example of such labelling can be find in the high end Scotch Whisky production lines serving the demanding Far Eastern markets.

MIXI labeller general view

ICFS modular labeller

We supply highly flexible and high productivity units capable of meeting the most varied requirements of bottles and labels, typical requirements of a successful contract bottler.

The MIXI labeller was chosen by Broxburn Bottlers of Scotland for its specifications, as it is modular, (that is every single labelling station is mounted on wheels and can be removed from the labeller and substituted with a different one if required) accommodates 16 heads, 6 labelling stations, of which are 3 cold glue and 3 self-adhesive, has a position for the application of ink jet coding on the labels, and has an electronic orientation cam to orient the bottles. A visual camera system can be added to orient the bottles visually if required, while in this solution the orientation is done only electronically with a Hybrid system using mechanical orienting references on the bottles.

Detail of docking system for modular labelling station

This is a detail photo of a labelling machine

The bottles can be oriented in a variety of means, that is with bottom and side orientation and with crest orientation in the future, if required. The MIXI is equipped with an innovative fail safe anti-jamming device for the bottom orientation plates.

A quick change over modular system of the plates centering and orientation has been developed specifically to meet Broxburn Bottlers requirements. For more details CLICK HERE

The second MIXI labeller is planned to come into service at Broxburn on line No.2 with the New Year.

View of stand-alone removable modular labelling unit

This is a photo of a modular labelling unit

For detailed information, contact our Sales Director Marco Solferini by calling +39 0141 162 0091 or +39 0141 74166 (Italy) +44 1865 520 083 (UK) or +1 707 236 6353 (US). Alternatively, use our quick contact form or request a quotation.