A Brand New Carton Packaging Equipment on Sale – Carton Forming , Bottle Insertion and Carton Closing

Carton Forming , Bottle Insertion and Carton Closing

This is a unique opportunity of acquiring a brand new complete end of line kit at a fire sale price.

The kit was bought by one of our clients to do a market test for Japan that fizzed out after the first three containers.

The unit has not been used since, therefore while it has been manufactured in 2006 it is brand new. (see below photos for details)
The unit consists of:

Mechanically operated carton erector (American type ) model form pack capable of 35 cycles per minute suitable for erecting “American” type cartons, with lower flap closure using HOT MELT glue.


  • Machine made from welded, painted steel tubes.
  • Mitezza adjustable feet.
  • Hand wheels with gauges to identify the position.
  • Pneumatic cylinder controlled griper movement for picking cartons.
  • Suction head with four or more suction elements.
  • Vacuum pump with a throughput of about 3.5 kg suction for each suction cup.
  • Automatic carton squaring device using motorized chains.
  • Bottom flap folding device using two pneumatic cylinders.
  • Standard carton magazine 800 mm for an operative load of about 80 cartons.
  • Electric system located in a single painted steel electric panel.
  • Control panel with PLC for programming and star/stop buttons.
  • Protective safety guards.

Bottle packer as described below is tooled up with a 3 x 12 bottle inserter maximum diameter of bottles 90 mm. Electronic two-axes automatic machine, suitable for packaging containers from a bottling line in cartons or cases.


  • Machine made from welded, painted steel tubes.
  • Carton/case conveyor powered by gear motor.
  • Timing device with case/carton stop on conveyor belt.
  • Bottle gripper head including safeties for any jams.
  • Pneumatic, self-centring bottle grippers with telescoping leg.
  • Height adjustable carton centerer for carton format changeover.
  • Electric system located in a single painted steel electric panel.
  • Total protection safety guards according to EC regulations
  • Machine equipped for processing one diameter container and one carton format.

Semi-automatic carton sealer - automatic adjustment on different box sizes

Side motorized driving belts bottom (2 x 75 mm wide each)

Driving Belts speed 20 mt./min. 2 Motors 0,18 HP

Top & Bottom taping heads K12 - 75 mm width.

Safety protection doors connected to electro-pneumatic disconnection switch

We are so happy with its state we are offering the complete unit consisting of the three machines ex. works our Italian factory fully revisioned including:

A photo of a carton packaging line

6 months warranty at the rock bottom price of € 80,000.

Offers for individual units separately supplied will be considered. Prompt delivery, available for inspection near Milan.

For any enquiry on this project please contact our Sales Manager Mr Marco Solferini

on sales@icfsgroup.com or please call on +44 (0)131 335 3335 or

+1 707 236 6353 (USA) or Italy +39 035 619 0213 (Italy)