Automatic bottling line for Southwestern Distillery

Tarquin's Cornish Gin

IC Filling Systems are proud to announce the installation of a new automatic bottling line for Southwestern Distillery for their range of gins, rums and other alcoholic drinks.

Video: Automatic Gin Filling Line at Southwestern Distillery

The IC Filling monoblock consists of a rinsing filling corking monoblock with a rotary rinser with 9 nozzles, a filler with 10 valves, and a single head T cork capper that ensures a speed of 1,500 bottles per hour.

Based in Wadebridge, Cornwall, Southwestern Distillery use traditional techniques, quality ingredients and old-fashioned equipment. Tarquin's Gin and Cornish Pastis are distilled using a special flame-fired copper pot. Their range of spirits uses a mix of carefully selected botanicals.

Tarquin's Cornish Gin Range
Tarquin himself
Strawberry & Lime flavoured Gin
Cornish Dry Gin

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