Beer bottling line installed at Weissacher Tälesbräu, Germany

IC Filling Systems have completed another installation of the popular 661 EPV Microblock, Rinser / Counterpressure Filler / Crowner.

This time the flexible/compact bottling machine is configured for for filling carbonated beer in glass bottles closing them with a crown cap, at Weissacher Tälesbräu in Germany.

The production line also includes a linear cold glue labeller for application of a paper label with cold glue to the body of the bottle as well as a custom built bottle conveyor system with infeed & accumulation tables.

The output speed is 1200bph x 330ml, with fully automatic operation.

The main family members running the operation are Andreas and Jessica Häußer and their father Günter. The brewery is based in Weissach im Tal, around 30km from Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

The Tälesbräu facility includes a restaurant and beer garden, with the brewing process deliberately made visible from the street outside. It operates in the building that once served the Rombold pottery as a forge and locksmith's shop.

Popular Swabian craft beers from Weissacher Tälesbräu to be bottled on the 661 EPV include ‘Heimat’ and ‘Reformator’.

661 EPV Automatic Bottling Configuration