Cheddar Water installs 9,000 bph Bottling Line

Cheddar Water, Somerset 9000bph Bottling Line with depalletiser.

Cheddar Natural Spring Water, the leading producer of spring water in Somerset, have recently completed the installation of a second bottling line, upgrading their capacity to fill glass bottles to a speed of 9,000 bottles per hour.

This add-on line consists of an Automatic Depalletiser, a bottle alignment table, a buffer glass conveyor system and a rinsing-filling-capping system in a typical configuration of 24-30-6, all supplied by IC Filling Systems srl of Telgate, Italy.

This second line dovetails with the previous PET bottling line, supplied by IC Filling Systems 9 years ago, and uses the existing labelling and packaging equipment of the first line, a multipack shrink wrapper with tray, conveyor and robot palletiser.

The original line included an automatic PET bottle unscrambler, and a syrup kitchen for mixing flavoured waters and carbonation unit.

Family members Duncan, David, Ginny and Tabitha Urch are the owners of Cheddar Natural Spring Water, and are all involved in its daily operations.

Video: [3:54] Bottling Line at Cheddar Water in Operation