Full Automatic Bottling line at Footstep, Belgium

Complete automatic carbonated soft drinks preparation & bottling line for glass bottles at 1,200 BPH.

Canning line configuration is also available for this speed of 1,500 cans per hour as an option, separately or on the same filling machine.

Footstep are a contract bottler, so the line was designed to be flexible and able to accommodate and bottle a wide variety of drinks including beer, kombucha, cider, carbonated soft drinks and also still drinks.

Overview of complete semi automatic carbonated soft drinks line - preparation and bottling line: CIP system, chill tanks, inline carbonator, rinser-filler-capper, ROPP capper, batch pasteurising tank and semi-automatic labeller with date coder.

  • Mixing tanks
  • Premix
  • Deaerator
  • Carbonator
  • Automatic filling line 661 EPV
  • Double turret crown and ROPP
  • Bottle drier and pasteurising tunnel
  • Labelling machine for front back and neck