Automatic Yoghurt Bottling Line For Irish Dairy from IC Filling Systems

Automatic Yogurt Bottling Line For Irish Dairy

Different Dairy based at Donegal Creameries in Donegal, Ireland has recently completed the installation and start up of a brand new Complete automatic bottling line for yogurt in PET bottles supplied by Intercaps Filling Systems Ltd of Newbridge.

Designed to produce up to 6,000 bottles per hour on 250 ml bottles.

The bottling line was designed to fit in a very limited space both in height and in footprint, which required some innovative design work. (click HERE to see the layout of the line in pdf).

The infeed table for the bottles is connected to the filling monoblock via a vacuum conveyor to hold the bottles upright when empty.

The filler has a 90 degrees entrance in the star wheel rather than the traditional inline configuration to be able to work in the limited space available.

The 3 heads AROL capper integrated in the monoblock had to be made ultra low and with a separate stand alone low cap feeder to be able to fit under a ceiling only 2,600 mm high. To see video please click HERE.

The filler has a configuration of 9 volumetric valves which are operated by pneumatic action and designed for clean non-contact filling. See it in deatail please click HERE.

The valves are dosing the yogurt by flowmeters controlled by a plc. To see it on video please click HERE.

This allows the best possible sanitation together with the HEPA filtering of the positive pressure enclosure of the filler monoblock.

A bespoke conveyor system and a linear labeller complete the supply. To see video please click HERE

For detailed information, contact our Sales Director Marco Solferini by calling +39 0141 162 0091 or +39 0141 74166 (Italy) +44 1865 520 083 (UK) or +1 707 236 6353 (US). Alternatively, use our quick contact form or request a quotation.