441 Compactblock Delivered To Nobby’s Brewery

IC Filling Systems has just delivered a new all in one rinsing, filling & capping machine to Nobby's Brewery in Northamptonshire, England.

The counter-pressure isobaric bottle filler will be used to fill beer & ales into glass bottles at up to 600 bph.

Our 441 can include the following options for extra versatility:

  • Pre-evacuation of air from the bottles (adjustable)
  • CO2 flushing in the bottles prior to filling
  • Fobbing of the bottles prior to capping, to cap on foam and remove remaining air in the neck space (used for beer filling applications)
  • Automatic bowl sorter for crowns and semi automatic crowning operation. The Chute applies automatically the crown cork as the bottle is pushed forward by hand.

This machine can also be adapted for PET bottled or wine corks.

You can see how easy it is to use our 4.4.1 Compactblock & you can see the variable pre-evacuation, as well as the other processes working below:

For any enquiries please contact our sales manager Mr Marco Solferini at sales@icfsgroup.com or please call +44 (0)1865 481444 (UK), +1 707 236 6353 (US) or +39 035 509 6769 (Italy)