Bottle Capping Machine with New Dual Head from IC Filling Systems

Available now

See it at SIMEI - Milan 3-6 Nov

Or Brau - Nuremberg 10-12 Nov

IC Filling Systems has just launched a new, semi-automatic, twin head Bottle Capping Machine which is now available for purchase.

This equipment which can be purchased as a stand alone machine to speed up your bottle closing or as an option for the 6.6.1 monoblock, making the six bottle rinser & filler a 6.6.2

The semi-automatic, pneumatic bottle capper features two crowning heads & a cap sorting hopper.

This can be supplied as part of a semi-automatic monoblock like the one shown below but with the new bottle capping machine:


A split cap chute ensures both capping heads are supplied with crown caps at the same time.