Automatic Carbonated Water Line at Bornholm, Denmark

IC Filling Systems have commissioned an automatic bottling line on the Danish island of Bornholm to bottle carbonated water in this new startup business.

Details about Bornholm can be found on Wikipedia.

We supplied a complete labelling and filling line with a capacity for 1,000 bottles per hour of 330ml.

Why use a de-arerator and carbonator?

Beer cider and wine have naturally dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) in them, that only need a boost of CO2 when carbonating.

Soft drinks and water are different: water is naturally rich in atmospheric air.

This air needs to be removed BEFORE the CO2 can be added to make carbonated drinks and water.

Otherwise the water will not be saturated correctly and will reject the CO2 , CAUSING low carbonation feel on the palate. Moreover, immediately as a bottle is opened, the fizz will disperse rapidly, causing the water or drink to go flat.

  • For this reason before carbonating water for preparation of carbonated soft drinks, it is necessary to use a separate addition to the carbonating unit called a DE-AERATOR.

The water will pass first in a vertical column with a separator that extracts any dissolved natural air (composed of nitrogen and oxygen) by means of a vacuum pump.

Freed of the atmospheric air previously occupying its space in the water, we are now ready to pass it inside the carbonating column to give our water or soft drink the tangy tickling feeling of a rich carbonation.


Video of Bornholm installation

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