Dairy product processing plants

Dairy Product Processing Plant for UHT MIlk

Raw milk treatment equipment

Machines for the treatment of raw milk and its transformation into drinking milks & drinking yoghurt.

Reception and storage

Based on the requirements of the project, reception and storage of fresh milk can be carried out through cooling tanks or lines composed of a litre counter plant, plate cooler and storage tanks. The latter can be single wall or isolated buffer tanks. Ultra-clean versions are also available.

Milk recombination

We supply all capacities of mixing plants for milk powder recombination.

Pasteurisation, separation, and homogenisation

Heat treatment of milk is carried out with custom pasteurisers. This procedure varies according to the capacity needed, and the end use of the product, such as HTST fresh milk, ESL ultra-pasteurised milk and for yoghurt.

Based on your requirements, the centrifugal separator (or skimmer) for milk titration, a homogeniser and degassing / deodorising plant can be connected.

Long-life milk

UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treatment is designed to provide long shelf life. We also supply aseptic tanks also with a cooling circuit for the storage of just treated milk.

Like the pasteuriser, this plant can also be completed with a separator, degasser, and homogeniser. The pasteurisers and UHT plants can be made with a plate or tubular heat exchanger, depending on the features of the product, and your requirements.


We can add a filler to finished production lines, with different types of packaging options such as plastic bottles, glass, cartons, and bags.

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