Microblock: Automatic, Versatile and Economical Canning and Bottling

661 Automatic EPV Hybrid Microblock Counterpressure Rinser/ Filler/ Capper/ Seamer for Automatic Filling for Beer & Cider, Spirits, and Still or Sparkling Wine

Rates up to 1,200 cph/bph for 330ml, (depending on product type) with canning or bottling option from the same machine

661 EPV Hybrid on Split Screen showing Canning and Bottling on same machine

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The new 2021 model of the 661 EPV rinser filler seamer Microblock has been fully updated. Our order book is filling up - please enquire today for delivery windows...

Video: [2m13s] Bottling Configuration

Video: [2m10s] Canning Configuration

Counter-pressure or gravity filling as required by your product

Complete bottling: rinsing filling and capping all operated by a single person

The brand new Microblock 661 EPV 2021 model hosts a number of major improvements on its specifications as it places itself as the innovative new generation system compared to similar all-in-one machines on the market.

  • It fills glass bottles, aluminium cans and aluminium bottles. Pretty much a first in the industry!
  • It delivers Low TPO levels thanks to a new high performance vacuum pump
  • A single high output filling tank ensures constant product filling levels at top speed
  • User friendly Omron 7” colour HMI touchscreen control panel & PLC
  • IoT Smart Device: Full internet connection available as an option for remote technical diagnosis and assistance
  • Integral Brushless electronic camme operations for more accurate positioning of bottles or cans and faster servicing

The 6-6-1 EPV is suitable in its counter-pressure version for filling beer, cider, still or sparkling wine, kombucha and carbonated soft drinks and its Gravity version is suitable for filling oil, vinegar, still wine and spirits.

The 6-6-1 EPV features our new EPV (Electro Pneumatic Valve) technology. The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle by adapting the vacuum filling and degassing timings to the necessity of each different carbonated drink via a colour touchscreen HMI control panel. Gone is the mechanical rigid camme of once upon a time, now you can change product and bottles shapes very easily.

Three independent sections driven by servo motors

Microblock 661 EPV 2021 consists of a Linear Rinsing Section supplied with 6 rinsing nozzles, 6 Electro-pneumatic Isobaric Counterpressure filling valves and a single head Crowning Turret suitable for crown cork application on glass bottles. Other cap applications such as ROPP screw cap, Mushroom cork, natural straight cork and plastic screw cap and can lids seamer are also possible, and available on request.

The 6-6-1 EPV Microblock machine is also equipped with a device to detect the bottle on the conveyor (no bottles on conveyor, no rinse) featuring a photocell which stops the machine and closes the rinser electro valve in case of missing bottles and a turret height adjustment system to accommodate different height bottles from 180 to 340mm.

The capper can close both 26mm and 29mm crown caps or ANY other type of caps, and also accommodate two different types of caps on the same swing type turret. The Microblock 6-6-1 EPV 2021 bottle filling machine is hygienic & easy to clean, made from stainless steel wherever possible.

Flexible layouts to fit limited space

To fit the 661 EPV in restricted spaces we devise customised bottle conveyor solutions such as the one produced for Brauerei Im Berg in Switzerland.

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661 Microblock Automatic Can / Bottle Filling Machine

Advertising campaign launched by Fuggle Cerveceria in Bogota, Colombia, featuring the 661 EPV hybrid bottling equipment (for cans & bottles) manufactured by IC Filling Systems srl.