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Arran Brewery to Buy Bottling Line from IC Filling Systems

Arran brewery

Arran Brewery has confirmed a complete bottling line with IC Filling Systems. Thanks to support from Scottish Enterprise and the Bank of Scotland, Arran Brewery has placed an order for its own bottling line. Currently Arran Brewery sends tankers south for bottling or uses two small hand bottling machines on Arran. Managing Director Gerald Michaluk…

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Pharmaceutical Bottling at Thermo Fisher UK with IC Filling Systems equipment

Linear laboratory grade bottling machine with ROPP capper: Features special diving nozzles which move into the bottle to ensure no spillage but avoids contact with the microbial fluids surface and a drip tray to avoid any contamination or biological hazard. These filling heads can be electronically adjusted to different heights & diving/non-diving settings for different…

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In House Bottling Line for Maitre De Bataille Brasserie

Maitre de Bataille Logo

The brew restaurant Maitre De Bataille has installed a fully automatic 1,000bph bottling & labeling line to be operated in a 3.1 x 3.9 meter space in their brasserie dé Genevouai. Our compact 5.5.1 Microblock actually just fit inside their heavy-duty service-lift! Their great new line allows for flexible growth. It includes the 5.5.1 Microblock…

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Mad Giant’s New Beer Bottling Machine from IC Filling Systems

Mad Giant’s New Beer Bottling Machine Mad Giant Brewery in Johannesburg, South Africa has received the flexible 5-5-1 Microblock EPV. Punk Hop True Grit The automatic Rinsing Filling Capping machine for glass beer bottles with a speed of up to 1,000 bph for 330 ml (12 oz) will also be presented at BeerX, Shefield &…

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New Rotary Bottling Machine at Copperhead Brewery

Image of Copperhead Brewery & Bottling Machine

New Bottling Machine for Copperhead Brewery in Conroe, Texas They have just received delivery of a new Automatic 6-6-1 monoblock that has been designed to bottle into glass 12oz (330ml) beer bottles. It has a speed of approx 1,300 bph instead of 700bph thanks to its Electro-Pneumatic Valves which replace the traditional mechanical variety. Their…

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SIBA – BeerX Trade Exhibition – See our Bottling Lines

Logo for SIBA BeerX Exhibition

Arrange a meeting with us at SIBA BeerX 2016 Where we will be presenting our 6.6.2 compactblock & 5.5.1 automatic complete line including labeler. Beer Bottling Line layout BeerX is the biggest dedicated trade exhibition in the UK of companies supplying the brewing industry. The event, which aims to be the voice of British brewing,…

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Craft Brewer’s Conference & Brew Expo

Craft Brewer’s Conference & Brew Expo If you would like to talk with us, we will be attending America’s largest brewing conference: Craft Brewer’s Conference & Brew Expo run by the Brewers Association of America (BA). The event will be running in Philadelphia, at P.A. Convention Center from May 3-6 2016. If you would like…

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See our Bottle Filling Machines at International Exhibitions

Bottle Filling Machine Exhibitions Brau Beviale in Nuremburg brought success for us again this year as we generated interest at a a busy stand with over 100 brewers enquiring. We also had over 150 brewers enquiring at SIMEI in Milan. We even had a small complete line on show destined for Skovlyst Bryggeris in Denmark!…

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Bottle Capping Machine with New Dual Head from IC Filling Systems

Available now See it at SIMEI – Milan 3-6 Nov Or Brau – Nuremberg 10-12 Nov IC Filling Systems has just launched a new, semi-automatic, twin head Bottle Capping Machine which is now available for purchase. This equipment which can be purchased as a stand alone machine to speed up your bottle closing or as…

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441 Compactblock Delivered To Nobby’s Brewery

IC Filling Systems has just delivered a new all in one rinsing, filling & capping machine to Nobby’s Brewery in Northamptonshire, England. The counter-pressure isobaric bottle filler will be used to fill beer & ales into glass bottles at up to 600 bph. Our 441 can include the following options for extra versatility: Pre-evacuation of…

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