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When should a microbrewery start bottling its own beer?

When is the right time to start bottling your own beer? I have been working with micro breweries for a number of years advising them on bottling their own beers.   One of the major challenges microbrewers are facing, when growing organically, is moving on from the first phase when the start-up microbrewery only kegs [...]

More UK breweries with the rise of craft beer

More UK breweries with the rise of craft beer The number of UK breweries has risen by 8% to around 1,700 over the past year, as the surge in popularity of craft beers continues, research has shown. Breweries are becoming increasingly profitable and targeted for acquisition, said accountancy group UHY Hacker Young, with drinkers in [...]


Win with IC Filling Systems at Brau Beviale 2016

Enter our free Social Media Competition and win... IC Filling Systems is celebrating its tenth appearance at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg with an innovative social media competition. “Exhibitions are about making new connections and putting faces to names, as much as about seeing new equipment and innovations.” said Giovanni Solferini, Managing Director, speaking from [...]


IC Filling Systems at Brau Beviale 2016 in Nuremberg, 8-10 Nov

IC Filling Systems at Brau Beviale 2016 - Hall 7, Stand 525 IC Filling Systems will be exhibiting for the tenth successive year at Brau Beviale, the global exhibition for the beer and beverages industry with a range of new products designed with the micro brewer's needs in mind. As always, we will be presenting [...]


Small Batch pasteurizing unit available New

Small Batch pasteurizing unit available New without crane (available on request) and with 4 RIGID cages  in  304 stainless steel  certified for safety lifting. Price On Application, available ex stock. Bath-pasteuriser-with-crane a brand New semi automatic pasteurising unit capable of processing 500 bph depending on cycle. Pasteurization tank for 250 ml bottles featuring: - [...]

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Arran Brewery to Buy Bottling Line

Arran Brewery has confirmed a complete bottling line with IC Filling Systems. Thanks to support from Scottish Enterprise and the Bank of Scotland, Arran Brewery has placed an order for its own bottling line. Currently Arran Brewery sends tankers south for bottling or uses two small hand bottling machines on Arran. Managing Director Gerald [...]


Pharmaceutical Bottling at Thermo Fisher UK

Linear laboratory grade bottling machine with ROPP capper: Features special diving nozzles which move into the bottle to ensure no spillage but avoids contact with the microbial fluids surface and a drip tray to avoid any contamination or biological hazard. These filling heads can be electronically adjusted to different heights & diving/non-diving settings for different bottle [...]

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In House Bottling Line for Maitre De Bataille Brasserie

The brew restaurant Maitre De Bataille has installed a fully automatic 1,000bph bottling & labeling line to be operated in a 3.1 x 3.9 meter space in their brasserie dé Genevouai. Our compact 5.5.1 Microblock actually just fit inside their heavy-duty service-lift! Their great new line allows for flexible growth. It includes the 5.5.1 Microblock for rinsing, [...]


Mad Giant’s New Beer Bottling Machine

Mad Giant Brewery in Johannesburg, South Africa has received the flexible 5-5-1 Microblock EPV. The automatic Rinsing Filling Capping machine for glass beer bottles with a speed of up to 1,000 bph for 330 ml (12 oz) will also be presented at BeerX, Shefield & Brew Expo, Philadelphia in the coming months. The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling [...]

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New Bottling Machine At Copperhead Brewery

New Bottling Machine for Copperhead Brewery in Conroe, Texas - They have  just received delivery of a new Automatic 6-6-1 monoblock that has been designed to bottle into glass 12oz (330ml) beer bottles. It has a speed of approx 1,300 bph instead of 700bph thanks to its Electro-Pneumatic Valves which replace the traditional mechanical variety. Their new rotary bottling machine  features [...]

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